Get Your Body Strong for the Winter Season

Winter Strong!

Get your body strong for the Winter months by watching your diet and getting your workouts in.


>Carbohydrates – consume no more than 55 – 65% of your total daily Calories.
225 – 350 grams per day if weigh 120 to 150
175 – 275 grams per day if weigh 175 to 275
> 30 minutes Eat after working out
>Sugars – No more than 24 grams of sugar per day. Per serving <10 grams >Salt – No more than 1,600 mg per day
>Supplements – Take your Calcium Supplement 2 hours after Multi Supplement. Additional information follow link:

Miles you NEED to Run to Burn off These Calories:
Starbucks Low-fat Red Raspberry Muffin 340 Calories 3.5 Miles
Taco Bell Grilled Weight Management Asian Chicken Salad 430 Calories 4.5 Miles
Cheesecake Factory Weight Management Asian Chicken Salad 570 Calories 5.9 Miles
Panera Bread Turkey Artichoke Hot Panini 740 Calories 7.7 Miles
Chili’s Boneless Buffalo Chicken Salad 990 Calories 10.3 Miles

3 to 4 days a week
Keep your body guessing by switching it up often

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