Get YOUR Program Going #1

There are a many WONDERFUL results that should occur in your body while you are in a GOOD program.  But your coach/trainer (if you have one) is not the only one on the “hook”, you are too. 


There are many reasons for getting into bad habits, as we all know, but how do you get yourself to transition into the new you?


1)Do a mental inventory – get an understanding of who you are and start departmentalizing your different triggers.


2) Visualize the new you.  Yes I know that you have heard this before but this is your 2nd step and very important.  Your vision is what is going to give you your jump start and move you through your plateaus.  What type of food will you have on your plate?  What will your body look like?  There are endless visuals that you can do for yourself.


I have found through the 13 years of working with people, if your mental game is on there is no stopping you.


Good luck with the program that you are in.  Blog back to me if you have any questions or please add how you have been able to make your positive transition, or if you you made that transition yet…

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