Get Your Program Going #2

In the first blog we talked about doing a mental inventory and getting everything departmentalized to determine what is your food/stress triggers.  Remember food is about 80% of your program results.  Remember though that clean eating is a step in your program and a well rounded program will also have intense workouts to get you to your healthiest: Bathing suit season is coming up REAL SOON.


We now need to look at what you should expect from your workout program and your trainer (if you have one):


1) You need to train with knowledge (this will be your trainer if you have one).  If you have bad form during your workouts most likely an injury will occur. There are various types of injuries out there but there is a high risk for knee and shoulder injury.  Most people that I come across have or had one of these injuries or both. 


2) Your program should increase with intensity as time goes on so you do not plateau.


3) Your workouts should have variations so you do not plateau.


4) Have fun!  If you are having fun you will stay focused and this will allow you to workout at full capacity.


In your program you will sometimes hit plateaus.  These plateaus can be from a combination of your diet and your workouts or just one of these reasons. 

Be true to yourself: 1) Review the calories/portion size that you are consuming; and 2) Are you getting all your workouts that you should be getting within a week span of time – a minimum of 4 workouts to get results.  Good luck with your program.





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