Get Your Program Going #3

Tracking your diet and following clean eating (whole foods) is the most difficult part of your program. Please hang in there and you will be happy with the results.  Sign up @ and start tracking your daily diet.  It’s very educational and a great tool. 


There is a spot on the website where you can add in your workouts and in return the food calculator will give you extra calories to work with for the day.  For this month (June) please ignore those extra calories and do not go over 1,400 calories (this was 1,600 in May) unless you are having a bit of a splurge day.  You will love the results and in return you will feel energized.


Remember when we workout and hold 10 lbs of anything and start to move with the weight/kettlebell how tiring and heavy it is to carry the extra lbs. Let’s work on getting rid of that extra weight so we can start feeling lighter in our workouts. 

Your body will love you for it.  Remember we are prepping for the warmer whether and this advice will get you dialed in!

Main items to watch for:
: Keep within the range (no more than 30g).  It is a fact that American’s average 186g of sugar a day.  The grams accumlate from coffee, soda, snacks, etc.
Fiber: Get all your fiber.  The food calculator on the website gives 17g but shoot for close to 30lbs.  Read the fiber blog to more insight:
Carbohydrates: Eat your healthy carbs everyday
Protien: Get all your protein.

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