Get Your Skype Ready

Currently I have 6 Skype Clients and it is a sinche to set up.  Skype is a website where you use video and a microphone to communite to each other.  The Skype Workouts are just as if you are in the studio but in the Luxury of your own home.



Items needed for Set Up


1) Internet (No dial up)

2) Camera (if not already built into your computer)

3) Microphone (if not already built into your computer or built into the camera that you purchase)

4) Log on to Skype and set up a free membership

5) Find me [User Name: rhondaliebig]


Also check out a Skype Testimonials:


Not bad, Easy Peasy, as Kiersten would say (My 5 year old daughter).


See you in the Skype World

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