FITT Group Workout for Yoga Weights & Cardio

3 Month Group Workout Program
Starting: March 31st

Workout Days:

Monday 4:30 PM FITT Muscle, Cardio, and a flare of Yoga

Wednesday 4:30 PM FITT Muscle, Cardio, and a flare of  Yoga

Friday 1:45 PM FITT Yoga

How I Support As a Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer

• Helping you decide what are healthy food choices for you in what you are dealing with, hypoglycemia, diabetes, etc.
• Teaching you strategies in determining your food allergies that you may have
• Teach you how to step in the body that you love – Workouts are not just physical
• Learn how to increase your energy
• Plus more.

What Makes the Studio Special Relative to a gym
• You will get an additional layer of health support since I am a health coach
• The studio is a private safe space for you to workout in, no one standing around watching.
• Build your own personal goals with the FITT approach
• Your goals will be built in a way that is attainable and logical
• Your goals will be built for weekly success and that fits within your lifestyle.

What You Get With This Program:

  • 1, 45 minute lose weight strategy session
  • Master Grocery List to stock up your refrigerator and pantry full of healthy whole foods
  • 3 Month FITT Goal spreadsheets to step into action instantly. Learn to Build Your Goals in a logical sustainable way using my FITT process.

How Does This Work?
• Workout 1 or 2 days a week based on path option, Path 1 or Path 2
• Meet 15 minutes early once a month for discussing your goal strategy and checkup for any fine tuning that is needed.

Click to invest in yourself and instantly download your 3 month goal sheet so that you can get your journey started now.

What workout path are you going to sign up for?

Path 1 [3Month Program 1 wkt/week] – Investment $180 [$60 per month] OR 30% off $120 [lump sum payment], 1 workout per week

Path 2 [3 Month Program 2wkt/week]– Investment $360 [$60 per month] OR 30% off $$250 [Lump sum payment] 2 workouts per week

Group Workout Program

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