Health Coaching


“The Mentor with Insightful Solutions to Revitalize Your Energy!”

As my client, you will Learn:

  • How your body can melt fat even if your weight is not budging right now.
  • What your personal combination is to double your energy throughout the day.
  • To understand what your ravenous cravings are and the ways to stifle them to dissipate.
  • That you are not alone in your health journey.
  • How to self-evaluate aches and pains in your body in a logical and strategic approach.
  • Your personalized health strategies that fit in your busy lifestyle.
  • How to connect in a more authentic way through group and one on one settings.
  • To breakthrough chronic pains and restore the natural processing of the body.

All Rhonda’s programs are based on empowerment and nurturing where you are right now to breaking through to a sustainable healthy lifestyle… When Rhonda started her deeper health journey on medicine and battling hypothyroidism, she was told that there was nothing wrong with her and that everything looked “normal”. She new for sure that something wasn’t right even though she has the “typical” symptoms of someone with this disease having her hair starting to fall out, weight packing on, and daily naps. Once she started applying daily strategies, that she is sharing with you throughout her programs, she finally had her personal breakthroughs. With Rhonda’s personal struggles and year over year experience with client’s she holds this space for her client’s that come into the Rhonda Liebig Health Coach Community. When referring to a lack of results, two main statements we hear from clients, time and time again are:

  • Concerns of their health are finally being heard and that they are “not crazy”!
  • Personal struggles are just like many in the community and they finally are not feeling alone in their health journey.

Energy Revitalize & Vitality Mindset Services…

The Energized Path Solution – Stop the Vicious Cycle and Return to You Detox [Virtual Program]

Rhonda released her first book “The FITT Solution: 4 Steps to a Sexy, Successful, Authentic You” that shares her signature process. You will receive this as a bonus for being a part of this group program.

“My doctor told me my Liver was inflamed. After 14 days it is within ‘normal range’!” ~Deborah Thomas

“In 14 Days I lost 2 inches off my hips!” ~Elizabeth Hamilton

“No more abdominal pain, bloating, sleep is restful, and energy consistently high!” ~Dusti Garside Branecki

This book was released based on Rhonda losing her dad at age 57 from diabetes and his what if’s such as, what if dad…

  • Ate for energy instead of food cravings?
  • Knew how to reset his cravings?
  • Knew how to evaluate how to see positive and negative changes in his health?
  • Knew that his mindset could stay at a calmer pace based on mindset strategies?

This program is for you if you have been energetically struggling and are ready to dive in deep with lifestyle results. This is where you will learn about your body through the wellness process and increase energy pathway throughout. This program you will be using new holistic tools to add to your healthy tool bundle and self -evaluate for sustainable results.  Learn more…

Detox to Revitalized Energy

This program is for you if you are ready to reset your metabolism and your blood sugar. Rhonda spent 3 years in pairing themed monthly demonstration dinners connecting food as being your medicine. This service is an extension from her experience in coaching women in choosing whole foods to making tasty healthy meals. Need a little jump-start getting yourself back on the track this service pertains to you. Summer detox Starts August 14! Read more…

The Mind, Body, Food Lifestyle Plan ~ The Six Month Program with Sexy, Successful, Authentic Results [One-on-One VIP Mentoring]

This program is for you if you are ready to really commit to yourself. You will have consistent support in making life-long changes that will result in a balanced brighter you.  Read on…




Nancy Quote demo dinner final

You are invited…

To a special night and tour that is so unique, you won’t find another event out there that will entertain you, open your mind and hand you tools to create new possibilities for yourself in your life. AND this is all done in one night. Rhonda the founder has started this new speaking tour called “The Fresh Inspiration Show”.

This is a place where you get to hear views from different holistic wellness practices from personal empowerment, creating your personal warrior space, having better relationships and uplifting your vitality. Well, where is this live event right now…? Click this link or picture and find out if the tour is in your neighborhood… or you never know you may be inspired so much that you will want to travel to be here. Once you get on the page scroll down and see the dates. Each link connected with the date will take you to the detail of the location for The Fresh Inspiration Show. Hope to see you out there. READ MORE…

My Signature 5 Step Mentoring, “The Energized Path Solution – Stop The Vicious Cycle & Return To You!”

[STEP 1] The Crystal Clear Goal Vision & Building… Rhonda’s uses her FITT process which stands for Focus, Integrate, Transform, & Thrive. These four fully developed steps create your foundation to identify and connect to Your…

  • Why!
  • Passion!
  • Pains!
  • Yearning for change!

Rhonda will prepare you for using “The Three Energy Revitalize Pillars – Tools for Your Success”. Most mentors mainly work with only one pillar and this is why Rhonda has been so successful in her coaching. The Three Energy Revitalize Pillars unveil your personal energy story so that you learn how to naturally increase your energy and breakout of the daily exhaustion…

Pillar ONE – Double Your Energy Eating:

Diets do not work and they actually pinch your body so that you emotionally and physically feel restricted with feelings of self-liming beliefs about what you can accomplish through your food plan with the “have-tos and “I can’t”. As Deborah Thomas said, a participant in one of Rhonda’s programs, “When I was working with Rhonda I never felt like I was being judged or that I had to do this… or had to do that. I felt like I was connected right away!”

Pillar TWO- Breakthrough Clarity Mindset:

This is where you discover one of the most effective ways to bring alignment to your day. This energy revitalize pillar shines a light on the common words and phrases that sabotage you when making decisions when creating new steps in your life. Throughout Rhonda’s years in the health industry, she has discovered that we unconsciously use certain language that builds our story and leads us down the wrong path. These sabotage words slow our natural growth into abundance and restricts us from sharing our gifts in our business and personal life. The Breakthrough Clarity Mindset tools is used to clear out stale mindset allow you to believe in yourself and stop living a fear-based lifestyle. Our words create reality!

Pillar THREE – Energy Release Workouts

Have you hear this before…? Not all good food is good for you? This is the same concept and approach for the energy release workouts. Not all workouts are good for you. In this new mindset you will learn how you will get quicker results by adding specialized workouts and stretches.

[STEP 2] Mindset Vitality Method… Just like yo-yo dieting there is also yo-yo negative mindset and this is second stage is the awareness and clearing through using my…

  • “Top 10 Sabotage Secrets to Mindset Clarity Template”.
  • Visual Meditation that manifests forward action.
  • Clarity Gap to where you are right now and where you will be in basic scrumptious steps.

[STEP 3] Food Phasing & Connection…  You learn to connect with your food and stop yo-yo dieting that results in even higher weight gain in the long run. There are three plate plan phases to create your sustainable food plan and this is where physical food imbalances are cleared out and old weaknesses with food become strengths now while knowing what to eat and results will occur with resetting your taste-buds, cravings, and a balanced body. Rhonda’s food approach is based on years of experience implementing wholesome food as your medicine which can be seen in her “Detox to Revitalized Energy”, VIP dinners, and mentoring.

[STEP 4] Body Energizing Movement… The strategies and implementation that Rhonda uses here is all her experiences as a group exercise instructor, personal trainers and master trainer for over 15 years to unclog the body through energized movement to unblock energy while using meridian point movement.

[STEP 5] Thrive into Your Vibrant Lifestyle…  Throughout this five-step mentoring, Rhonda utilizes her Three Energy Revitalize Pillars that was created based on watching people fail at their higher goals that seemed to not be attainable and finally finding success in living with ease in their ultimate lifestyle. This five step signature process clears that painful gap of where you are right now to where you want to be in your ultimate higher goals and the steps that must be created to get ‘THERE’… wherever ‘THERE’ is for you in your individual goals. All programs are based on a group setting or 1 on 1 have been created in what Rhonda does best… listen and allow you to be seen and shine to breakout of your deepest fears. Working with Rhonda you learn to be “brilliant, gorgeous, and fabulous…” as we are all meant to shine. CELEBRATION is essential throughout and therefore most people fail in their health plan is without an untrained eye they may not know that changes have occurred. Even the smallest celebrations are acknowledged to lend energy and goal reaching at a higher and quicker success rate. Learn how to become aware and resolve unstuck feelings of stubborn patterns, un-grounded emotions, which in return will resolve lower back pain, bouts of depression, stubbornness, allergies, under grounded thoughts, low energy.

“It’s time to take scrub off the dull surface!” as Rhonda always says