Holiday Stress – Manage It & Recharge

2012-08-03_12-03-49_891Cell phone battery isn’t the only thing that always seems to burn out when you need it most. Check your own energy reserves.  It is very easy to drop yourself into adrenaline fatigue.
In the latest research shows that nearly half of all employers said their workers are emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted. Stop this madness and start recharging yourself before your batteries drop too low.
  • Reach out. Find friends and family that are supportive with love and are ready to be there for you as a true friend.  Nurture your relationships that are healing to your soul.  Don’t isolate yourself.
  • Visit your happy place daily. Add a minimum of 5 minutes of deep breathing/meditation into your life each morning and during the peak of your day. This will also counteract your anxiety.

Restore your sleep. Daytime stress can steal hours of deep sleep from you at night. Use sleep-friendly strategies. After lunch, sip herbal tea instead of caffeine. Tonight, relax with a good book and some deep breathing before bed.

Do what you love. Block out regular time for YOU. Or for you two: Trade back rubs with your partner. You’ll get the burnout-melting benefits of touch therapy minus the spa price.

Stick to these 4 steps with consistently.  Even just choosing one of these steps can make a big difference in your stress level.
Integrate – Transform – Thrive

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