How to Destress From The Go Go Go Syndrome [My Fox 40 Segment is Coming]


Low Energy is affecting us on a daily basis and many of us try to push through it with caffeine and other stimulants which then can affect our water and hormone system.

Sometimes having a Go Go Go Lifestyle is inevitable with kids and sports, keeping up with a busy career, plus much more. So to be successful and to bring back higher energy in the day we can learn and implement strategies to give back to the body and “stop borrowing from the ENERGY Bank”. I see it in my client’s quite often.

In my segment on Fox 40 News you are going to learn strategies that have been proven to help break through the low energy barrier.

Catch my segment on Fox 40

Date: June 10th
Time: 9:40
Click here and grab this link to watch it LIVE on the internet

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