How To Look Look and Feel Younger [Interview]

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Grab your virtual front row seat while Rhonda is sitting (in California) with Brenda Pearce (in Canada)!

Rhonda is talking in depth about Diabetes like she has never done before. She lays out a wellness plan discussing her strategies in The Flat Belly approach to eating, working out, and mental strategies. Want to be-in-the-know about the latest research and how this discussion effects you even if you are not diabetic, click above to listen to her interview with Brenda Pearce.

 Here is the breakdown of this 60 Minute Interview

6:00 Announcement of “The FITT Solution – 14 Days to a Flat Diabetic Belly” will be released to everyone on Amazon through kindle and soft bound book.

7:10 I talk about the first Flat Belly Mental Strategy and how to break through the wall of resistance.

8:49  Catch me talking about hormones and how they affect our midsection and then it’s difficult to get the flat belly.

11:40 I answer where your blood sugar levels should be to stay healthy and clear your system of chronic disease.

13:35 I explain how I hit my lowest low in my life, where I was working, how I turned my health around and what inspired me into being a diabetic health coach

14:50 How do you take care of your skin on your face for your beauty factor

16:25 How my dad affected who I am now and what I do as a Health Coach

19:50 I am talking about how our mental negative talk can hurt our journey and how I approach the coaching around this area

23:00 Discussion on how clutter impacts our stress.

25:20 Is, I don’t have time, a Sabotage? What if you step in fully to a new change I discuss how that can positively affect your outcomes

 27:40 Learn about the ladies that are part of the book as case studies and how they are getting their results even without eating tons of vegetables

31:50 As a nurse what is Brenda endorsing what I am saying as a Holistic Health Coach

29:45 How my client lost 6% body fat even without eating a plate full of vegetables.

31:00 Let’s talk about digestion. Learn how your emotions affect your system.

32:30 Learn where I have my client’s document their food so that they can loss 6% body fat like my Cast Study, Monica.

37:52 My insight on why we are moving away from an information society into learning from having experiences instead of just reading about it.

40:00 Learn how I deal with my client’s with mental strategies and what is going to be in my book, to be released November 2014, to transition and use the flat diabetic belly mental strategies.

44:00 Get to know me even more by learning what makes me feel uncomfortable and my strategies to get through my personal mental sabotages.

45:45 When you are making personal changes, are you fearful that your best friend will not like you anymore. Learn how you are just like many of us.

47:57 What was my biggest emotional issue when I transitioned from CPA to a Holistic Health Coach. Why was I not able to be a good friend. And what has changed now.

53:05 Another flat belly mental strategy. This is great if you feel like you know lots of information from reading health books and research on the internet.

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