How to successfully jump rope…

Jump roping is AWESOME.  What a great way to condition your heart, your mind, and your body.  Yes we all want that!



Steps to get started:


  • Get a weighted jump rope 1 to 2.5 lbs.
  • Leather preferably which will give you a more controlled jump rope.
  • See youtube video to make sure to pick out the jump rope for you : v=hmWE07DQ4cg&feature=g-upl
  • Then go onto my website to purchase your jump rope and get your workouts done with quick results:


Steps to a successful jump roping workout:

  • Work with your stomach muscles, make sure your stomach controls your body and balance for softer steps on the ground.  No pounding.
  • As stated above tip, make sure that your feet come down gently on the ground for each hop
  • Now practice and vision your body going through smooth moves so each single turn will be linked with a foot placement.  It will take awhile because we usually start jumping like we did in 1st grade.


Well, practice does make perfect.  Good luck!


A great intense workout for you (Go Through 3 times)


6 minutes -jog – medium speed

2 minutes – walking – catch your breath

1 minute – jump rope – move your arms if you don’t have a jump rope

30 seconds – step side to side – catch your breath

2 minutes – jump rope –

1 minute – step side to side – catch your breath

2 minutes –  jump rope,

1 minutes – step side to side – catch your breath




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