How to take care of your shoulders


I come across so many many people that have had shoulder surgery or are on the verge of a serious shoulder “issue”.  This delicate area should  never be ignored in your workouts.  Follow these rules and you will have healthy shoulders.


First pick a day of the week that you are going to work shoulders as a muscle group, balance the muscles and stretch for your range of motion throughout your shoulder groups; anterior, medial, and posterior.  Work your shoulders in different angles to work along the muscle fibers.


Secondly be aware of the position of your shoulder when you are strength training for your chest muscle group and back muscle group.  The position of your shoulders is vital to your shoulder health when working these muscle groups because the shoulder is a smaller muscle group in which you would not lift as heavy of a weight.


Get yourself into the correct position by rolling your shoulders open and then pressing your clavical/ shoulders into your rib cage.  To press your shoulders down think about your muscles right below your attachment of your clavical/ shoulders, your rhomboids.


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