In the Last Few Months I have lost 10 lbs & 10 Inches

I began this Girlfriends group back at the end of August. I never would have imagined I would achieve all that I have! Not only do we get to do fun workouts with our best girlfriends, but we learn so much about so many different things: posture, how to bend down and pick up things to support our backs, the different muscles we are building, the reasons why stretching are so important! But its not just about the exercising, we also learn a lot about nutrition! I have changed my eating habits completely and fully understand the benefits of healthy eating. In the last 3 1/2 months I have lost 10 pounds and 10 inches! I am a diabetic and my AIC has gone from 8 to 6.4 which is a huge accomplishment! I feel I am leading a much healthier and HAPPIER life than ever before! I encourage anyone who is serious about a healthy lifestyle change to join us, the benefits are amazing! (38 years old)


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