Infuse Your System with ENERGY + Beauty Tips

There was a Dr. Oz show that inspired this blog.  This blog is wrapped with Dr. Oz information along with additional research from medical web links, books and magazines.  This blog is exciting to me since it has a combination of health and beauty with very simple information.






Guidelines for each decade of life:

Your 30s – Start Disease – Fighting, Life-Enhancing, Healthy Habits

Your 40s- Protect Against So-Called Inevitable Health Issues

Your 50s- Strengthen Your Immune System


We’ll go further into these areas in additional blogs.  This area is to give you an idea of what areas of health you should focus on depending on your age.  Your overall lifestyle should be focused on giving your body the tools to infuse your body with energy.


Vegetables that cure:

Vision – Butternut Squash

Skin – Brussel Sprouts

Lose Weight – Avocado: high in the right fats.  Vibrant so it keeps you full for longer.



Irvingia – Decrease weight + Waist.  Extra fat tends to go to mid section

Tumeric & Pepper – Tumeric hard to absorb so use the active ingredient in Pepper

Boost Metabolism – Magnesium (400 MG Magnesium/Daily)

Wrinkles – Vitamin A (1500 IU of Vitamin A/Daily)


Transvaginal Leak Procedure (Sling Procedure) only about a 15 minute procedure. Some people have a leakage issue when working out, sneezing and coughing and this procedure is supposed to fix this issue.  Here’s a link to review what this is about.


Beauty tips below


Puffy Eyes

> Allergies & Dermatitis – 1) Put your Green Tea Bags in a baggy and into the refrigerator.  Once cold put onto your eyes. 2) Rinse your hair at night to get the allergians out of your hair and they won’t drop into your pillow

> Excess Salt – 1) Sleep Position (incline your pillows or bed or adjust your bed). 2) Bring down your salt in-take.

>General puffiness – Put your spoon in Ice and put on your eyes to sooth.  Roll lightly around and will automatically reduce puffiness.

> Drink Water Before, During, and After Exercise – This will help with bloating.  You should have a minimum of 8 glasses of 8 oz a day.


SOURCE: Various sources from magazines, website research, and books.

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