Tap Into Your Inner Child And Translate That Energy Into Success

Perfler group 1Today I had the privilege to lead my son, Jacob’s classroom, into high energy activities. (*Get the Workout below!) The group was so much fun and brought me back to when I was 9. I found myself fully tapped into my giggly, enthusiastic, crazy energy along with them. Spending time with this young group reminded me of something important, living in pure enthusiasm. The kind of enthusiasm that gives you the ok to do something different or new without too much fear. What would happen if we tapped back into our inner child and blended that with our lifelong knowledge of smarts? Pure success and little to no fear, of course. When you really think about this, what are the emotions that you need to make a transformation in your life? High energy, youthful enthusiasm, light hearted, energy…?

So what is holding us back? Our daily routine can be our main culprit. Think about it, we have built our daily routine so successfully that gets us to point A through to Z each day that we almost become numb to our surroundings. Our routine has been built into each task that we do it’s easy to forget about the emotion that makes us who we are authentically. This way of living can bring us right into self sabotage. For example have you ever told yourself, “I can’t lose all the weight I want to because my body just won’t let me”? And most likely never thought twice about that limited belief negative thought that you just put out there. This limited belief affects the goals that you set for yourself and even your confidence. So with that being said, Let’s shake it up and reclaim the inner child! Good-bye to “I can’t”. Turn the negative to “I can”.

Take a moment to remind yourself who you are. Remind yourself of the fun activities that you loved to do? Jump rope, hula hoop, run, walk… When you think about these activities how does it make you feel, light hearted maybe… ready to move your body? [*Get workout below] Hold this feeling close to your emotions when you are focusing on what you want for yourself in the goals that you are setting. You will find that the more you focus on your youthful energy the more productive you will be in bringing success to yourself, your business or your place of work. We definitely have the power to set our own atmosphere. The more confident you become the more success will surround you.

Next time that you find yourself down and not being able to get out of a rut, take your 2 deep breaths (that we talk about often) and smile, feel the energy from your stomach to wake up your body and have a gratitude moment; state 2 things that you are grateful for. Go through the process and come back and blog to me. Tell me what you are grateful for and how it makes you feel living in gratitude. Gratitude has made a difference in my life and this is my gift to you today. Remember to stay connected to your inner youth and nothing will stop you.

Get your workout clothes on! A quick 20 minute routine for a great heart and toning workout: Burn calories and keep your transformation moving forward.

Jacob’s class workout / for kids & adults

Keep everything in a line working your way down to each station. Do this routine until your 20 minutes are up.

Items you need or substitute

  1. Hula Hoop
  2. 6 Energy Rings
  3. 6 Cones
  4. Timer or watch

Hula Hoop – 3 minutes

Workout with energy rings

6 Energy Rings (picture on the left) single leg hop through , use right leg first then left on next round and so on

6 Cones [if don’t have cones use anything for placement markers] – zig zag running in between the cones, power walking works too

Run – Tap the last cone and run back to the beginning where your hula hoop is, power walking works too

Perfler AfterI just got done with this workout too along with Jacob’s classroom. You know you got your workout in if your face looks like mine; face flushed and sweaty! Now that’s success. Keep yourself moving to the FITT you!

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