[Interview] Brenda Pierce E-Factor Network [Blog Radio]

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With all the distance between Brenda Pearce located in Canada and Rhonda in sunny California, we are going to come together in a personal way and learn how I work with women virtually, coaching and inspiring them to invest in their health and themselves by tapping into their pure authenticity. Don’t miss this energetic interview that is going to allow you to personalize my message to your journey. You definitely need to tune in and get your body and mind into balance and kick’in into 2014 with High Energy. 

Click link to listen now the FITT podcast interview

Here is the time framing:
4:40 Let’s talk about SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder

8:00 Listen how Brenda and I talk about our blossoming friendship and how it’s important to connect with your woman community.

8:40 Why remembering your childhood is an important key to your success

13:00 Why we need a coach because they will be your backbone on your hard sabotage days.

19:00 Easy to get Depressed

20:30 Some people can eat more than others

23:00 Funny story about trying to transition family to healthier foods

25:30 Let’s go skydiving

35:50 Let’s talk about FITT Camp and why you need a 2 day jump start to lose weight and reset

36:30 Success Stories of women working with me. I am learning to ask women how their experience has been with me. Wow results I was not gathering in prior years and now am starting to capture this good information.

The rest of the interview is a great discussion in leaning about your personal health journey and beauty factor. Love this interview. Brenda is a great interviewer.

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