[Interview] Maria Appelqvist Sexy, Money & Leadership

 MariaMaria Appelqvist will be interviewing Rhonda all the way from Sweden in her blog talk radio.

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“During the past year I’ve learned to know so many powerful women. And I mean really powerful women that are true to their business and in lives in integrity with their leadership, walking their talk, leading by example. They have strongly inspired me to take all the steps I’m currently taking. Join me in this show and learn from Amazon Bestseller Author of “The FITT Solution” Rhonda Liebig.” Maria Appelqvist

Here are the high points of this interview. What great fun this interview was. Hope you enjoy too.

3:00 Learn about “The FITT Solution and why this book brought me to #1 Best Selling Author

7:10 I answer the age old question about our Sabotages. Listen to my answer it may surprise you.

21:36 My Story, how I got here and why my husband is a key component in my business and life success.

32:45 S.E.X. Yes Maria goes there. So let’s talk about it!

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