It ALL Adds Up


Gaining 1lb per year doesn’t sound like much, but over the course of 30 years, that’s an extra 30lbs, which can increase your risk of breast cancer by 56 percent, according to a study from the US National Cancer Institute. [3,500 calories = 1 lb]



A great recipe to support your 5 meals a day

Banana Walnut Oatmeal

1 ripe medium – sized banana mashes; ½ cup rolled oats; 1 cup nonfat milk; 1 tbsp wheat germ;1 tbsp group flaxseed; 1 tbsp crushed walnut pieces. (1. combine banana, oats and mile in a large microwavable bowl; 2. Microwave on high for 3 minutes, stopping to stir after each minute; 3. After cooling, stir in the wheat germ, flaxseed and walnuts: Calories: 230)

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