Loss of Your Stabilizer

Good morning! Welcome to this Tuesday connection! I am finally feeling refreshed after a weekend retreat that I did here at my ranch, The Fresh Inspiration Ranch. Were you here? If not my make sure not to miss my next Energy Retreat in May you will enjoy, for sure!

The Energy Retreat was crazy Fun and this is a quick summary of what went down:
🌟Mindset strategy coaching
🌟Fascia therapy
🌟Deep pain release stretching
🌟Revitalize yoga
🌟Food is your medicine
🌟Walking on the Fresh Inspiration Circle

I also had rockstar partners throughout the retreat too. As I always say we never do anything alone… and it’s true. Look at the list, WOWZA:
🌸 Belly Dancing & Temple dancing, Sherry Brier
🌸 Herb specialist Jody Wickham
🌸 Living in a toxic free environment Brenna Garcia
🌸 Paparazzi Jewelry Sherry Morton
🌸 Feminine Rising Empowerment Coach Michelle Hardeman-Guptill
🌸 The Fresh Inspiration Chef Pamela Steege
🌸 Fairy Godmother Cleaning Dusti Garside Branecki

Focused and transformational weekend for sure for me too!


If we take a step back though, there is one BIG massive step I did during and before so I was ready today to be with you for this Tuesday Connection right after my retreat.  If I didn’t do this massive step then I would have still been in bed working on recovery of being on my feet for two and a half days and coaching throughout the weekend. 

You can follow along with my step so that you are ready for any big project/event coming up. If you follow this step you will fully believe in yourself and your body health to recover quickly.

Take a deep breath and let’s talk about your healthy plan. 

First, the brain needs to have rest so that you can stay in creativity even under deep intense times as you are planning your event. So, let’s talk about the brain and how you can work at high levels even when you are CRAZY busy. If the brain believes that, YEAH I GOT THIS, then there will be less anxiety, quicker movement forward in preparation for your event, and less brain battle throughout the event and after.

After years of coaching I now know that you can have a crazy fun lifestyle, not slow down and still feel highly creative and energetic daily. But you have to pick up tools that may even feel counterintuitive… I am finding that these counterintuitive tools create higher energy since it’s new to the brain and feels like you have never used the tool before. 🙂

The brain needs gratitude to play BIG in every situation from being highly busy to also learning how to show up as the superstar that I already know that you are.  Here is your power tool, Gratitude! With gratitude you will tap quickly into high(er) energy. Relationships that build you up and people that FULLY believe in you are called your Relationship Stabilizers.

We receive massive energy from Relationship Stabilizers. These relationships lift and create a higher vibration in your day in times in the past where you may have had more moments of feeling uncertain about your skills or even what you are doing with your passion projects/business. 

Think about who you may want to connect with as your Relationship Stabilizer then call and be ready to share with them about your event. This will give your friend the opportunity to share with you how they have always known that you were going to do great things.

My Relationship Stabilizer right now in my life is my friend Judy. She empowers me at such a high level that I truly believe that I can do anything… she sees me and holds me in her light of who I am at my highest level. Spending time with Judy on the phone or in person gives me the lift that I truly need. 

Can you feel that energy of Truth for yourself too?

Go ahead and make your call to your friend. This will give you the opportunity to share with them how much you care about them and feed their spirit too. Ahhh so sweet.

Continue these emotionally positive moments and compliment these moments with fabulous food along with moving your body. Celebrate the amazing influence of love from your friendship. 

Have an insightful high impactful day. 

Click Here to watch my Facebook live video around this topic of relationship stabilizers this topic.

Rhonda Liebig, Energy Revitalizer & Mindset Freedom Coach to Vitality and Cash Flow

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