3 Leadership Pillars Igniting Your Business Success – Master Class

Get your casual clothes and enjoy a night of transformation.

This master class is located in Wilton CA. Once you sign up you will get the direct address.

June 8th’s theme [PAST EVENT]: Kickbox Energy Directly Into Your Business: Mind, Body, Food Masterclass

July 27th’s theme: Igniting the Cross Training Energy Flow: Mind, Body, Food Masterclass

August 17th’s theme: The Meridian Energy FLOW Direct To Your Business: Mind, Body, Food Masterclass

Invest in all 3 nights and receive 1 night free as a BONUS!!!

All sessions are 6PM to 8:30PM.

3 Leadership Pillars Igniting Your Success – Master Class

Welcome into the monthly series of Master Classes. Each month (schedule above) there is a pairing theme for a workout with me as your master trainer, sit down coaching for developing your healthy mindset, and food demonstration dinner to nourish your entire body and connection to actualize your business higher income.
Yep a quick reset for the month. You will be using my Energy ReVitalize Pillars to support your focus in your business results. An evening in this mastermind is going to subside some of the anxiety that sits around health and what stops you from stepping into daily action with full presence of energy to getting out there and get your next big paying client and if your business grows enough and you need to hire employees, using software like paystubs could be a great choice for this, you need to know how to get the right payroll software.
I hear this all the time, “I work so hard and I cannot click off from work and be totally present with my family and this makes me exhausted!”
This monthly themed nights are directly set up to connect you to your source of energy and your daily results that you are looking for right now.
A bit more about why you need to be in the Rhonda Liebig studio having a night of networking and resetting your lifestyle…
I know what low energy truly feels like; I went through it having hypothyroidism for over 20 years. This affected my day, affected business, and affected family life. I was never totally present and felt lost,
I figured it out by creating and apply the Energy ReVitalize 3 Pillars that you will learn each night that you spent time in this Master Class.
This Summer Series monthly master class is for you if you are ready to learn how to…
• Stop the feelings of something holding you back!
• Stop the anxiety in believing that everything has to be 100% or you failed your goal!
• Finally be seen and realize that you are not alone in your emotional daily struggles.
• Identify what you are secretly saying to yourself and discover why it is just pure “hog wash” or not true in who you really are!
• Learn how you can unburden yourself of feeling that you’re living a compromised life and get into action forward to connecting to your exercises?
As an Energy ReVitalize Coach I had to do my own personal energy breakthroughs too. When I first started my health journey I carried pain throughout my body but mainly in my arms and elbows had shooting pains. Circulation was not so good… at all, especially in my toes and arms. I would wake startled from the numbing feeling in my arms and toes and that scared me. Plus, I had the embarrassment factor of constant weight gain and dealing with overhearing others talk about my massive weight gain such as, “Is that Rhonda, I would not have even recognized her unless you told me.”
I will discuss my personal journey through hypothyroidism. I will guide you in this master class how to approach days that feel all consuming painful, restrategize my day, and come out on the other side with full vibrant energy throughout the entire day using my
1) De-sabotage mindset strategies,
2) Strong quick results workouts, and
3) Food strategies to calm your body, increase circulation and are quick prep
I will also share with you client strategies that were successfully implemented so that they could finally start sleeping through the night and stop feeling flaky towards things that they promised themselves and were not getting done.
Welcome to
This is for you if you ever felt:
*Exhausted by 3 PM!
*Like you don’t have enough time to finish projects!
*Like your day is out of control!
*You just get through your day!
In each master class evening, we’ll dive deep into:
• “Old School” energy misconceptions
• How to strategically breakthrough energy lows (some are counter intuitive yet powerful)
• What are the main culprits to low energy
Not having energy sucks? As stated above I went through chronic low energy. So I know this information is going to give you such relief.
I have been working as an expert in the health industry for over 15 years and I am going to share this with you step by step. Throughout these years I started picking up tools and steps that I have been able to use consistently with my client’s and for myself. It can be a very magical process, very easy, and user friendly.
Where we fail is that many believe that we have to go through this big major process, such as a diet or a total revamp of our lifestyle, but this is so “old school mindset”. The beauty is that life is wonderful and less complicated when you realize that you don’t have to WORK HARD at every process in your life to break some bad habits, to see and visualize what your next steps should be… you just have to start living it.
You are going to leave with a deeper new way with new strategies, I will even show you how to pick up even more tools.
I cannot wait to meet you and share the night with you:
Elevate impactful energy into your business and family life.

3 Leadership Pillars Igniting Your Success – Master Class

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