Meal Planning; stop releasing cortisol.

Meal Planning / Stop Releasing Cortisol


Make each meal with a balance of Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fat.  This balance of Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fat will be an individual balance based what gives your body the optimium energy.  If we choose to not balance our meals our energy we will be impacted in a way that will effect our decisions and our relationships.  Stress/ Anxiety can also lead to extra cortisol in our body.  Negativity is toxic which will build up cortisol derived from the adrenal gland.


Balance your food for health.  Stop releasing cortisol and increase your endorphins.


Eating a morning meal is not only important for energy, but also for weight loss. Studies show If you are not eating anything in the morning there is a tendency to overeat more later in the day–actually consuming more total calories than those who had a healthy breakfast. If you think of it in terms of the Glycemic Load*, skipping breakfast after sleeping all night forces a sharp drop in the blood sugar levels, and this results in a feeling of being “famished,” which causes us to eat more of the wrong things later in the day. So a good, solid breakfast is important to healthy eating.


Your lunch should be rich in non-starch vegetables and a serving of protein. Try and add a serving of fish into your meal. Ideally, lunch should be your “big meal” of the day in terms of calories. Eating a lot late at night works against weight loss. If you have an hour for lunch, try to work in a 15-minute walk before eating. Such moderate exercise will not only burn calories but also reduce your hunger cravings.


Your evening meal should be your lightest meal.  Dinner should be eaten 4 hours before your bed time.  This will allow your body to start your digestion process.  Sleeping time is the time for your body to heal and cleanse itself.



* Glycemic Load – The glycemic load is referring to how carbohydrate intake affects your sugar spikes. In other words, it measures how sugar impactsyour body’s use of the sugar that it gets from the types of carbohydrates that you eat






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