"Rhonda's presentations are high energy, content-rich and she involves the audience many times throughout to really hold their attention. I highly recommend having Rhonda speak at your next event!"

Katrina Sawa, The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker and Event Host for the Sacramento Speaker & Entrepreneur Network

Interview Detail Below

Interview with Dr. Gayle, The Spunky Ole Broad (SOB)

Listen in while Dr. Gayle interviews on my Top 10 Sabotages and why you need to have a good mental plan before you can accomplish your next biggest goal.

What happens when you get hot water and some fresh herbs together? Well it's all about natural remedies. Catch my Fox 40 New interview and learn how to clean out the mucus, sore throat, sinus infection, and puffiness in this interview. Have some of your own natural remedies would love to hear from you and post below.

Grab your virtual front row seat while Rhonda is sitting (in California) with Brenda Pearce (in Canada)!

Rhonda is talking in depth about Diabetes like she has never done before. She lays out a wellness plan discussing her strategies in The Flat Belly approach to eating, working out, and mental strategies. Want to be-in-the-know about the latest research and how this discussion effects you even if you are not diabetic, take a moment to listen to her interview with Brenda Pearce by clicking here.

Here is the breakdown of this 60 Minute Interview

  • 6:00 Announcement of “The FITT Solution – 14 Days to a Flat Diabetic Belly” will be released to everyone on Amazon through kindle and soft bound book.
  • 7:10 I talk about the first Flat Belly Mental Strategy and how to break through the wall of resistance.
  • 8:49  Catch me talking about hormones and how they affect our midsection and then it’s difficult to get the flat belly.
  • 11:40 I answer where your blood sugar levels should be to stay healthy and clear your system of chronic disease.
  • 13:35 I explain how I hit my lowest low in my life, where I was working, how I turned my health around and what inspired me into being a diabetic health coach
  • 14:50 How do you take care of your skin on your face for your beauty factor.


Stressed Out?

3 Quick Ways to de-stress on the job or at home.

Rhonda's gets straight into stress busters from physical relief to what you are putting in your mouth, stress busters as she is representing her book, The FITT Solution - 4 Steps to a Sexy, Successful, Authentic You!
Watch the video here.

**Sabrina Rodriguez discusses 3 quick ways to manage your stress with Certified Health Coach and author of "The FITT Solution," Rhonda Liebig.

Rhonda Liebig on Orgena Rose Show

[Interview] Orgena Rose Show

Click and watch now Link: The Orgena Rose Show Alright everyone get your computers ready! The Orgena Rose Show is rock'in with "The FITT Solution- 4 Steps to a Sexy, Successful, Authentic You!" You definitely need to tune into my discussion with Orgena Rose. We talked about how you can increase your Energy, Life Balance , and Clarity by taking basic easy changes in your day. You will also get a chance to know me more as a health coach and an author and what drives me to support you in learning how to feel 10 years younger, rid yourself of the 3PM slump, and how to lose the bloat. Orgena Rose does a wonderful job and allowing women to shine their light on their gifts and she did wonderful in allowing me to share what I love to do. And check out your gift: FREE 20 page intense coaching, "Reclaim Your Sexy FITT Energy" Workbook. Once you see the interview come back to this page, I would love to hear from you.

The Book

#1 Best Selling Author on Amazon!

Download Rhonda's book is here. She will get you in action as she coaches you throughout the book. Plus enjoy the bonuses with the book

  • 30+ Recipes
  • Cooking video with recipes, and master grocery list
  • Templates to interact directly with the book to bring you into alignment onto your authentic path.
  • Listen to an interview with Rhonda & Bernie Siegel [If you don't know him look him up... incredible man]

Get your book NOW - "The FITT Solution"

Rhonda Liebig YouTube Channel

Check out Rhonda's YouTube Channel

Enjoy videos from Rhonda's collection such as:

  • Daily insightful solutions
  • Tuesday FITT- Challenge
  • FITT-Tastic Tuesday
  • Friday Inspiration
  • Success Stories that has personal stories about weight loss, stress, advancement in jobs through Rhonda's health coaching support and much more...

Catch Rhonda's Press Release from Alicia Dunams known as creator of the "Best Selling Author In A Weekend.

"Rhonda Liebig’s FITT Solution to Be Featured on the Orgena Rose Show" [Press Release]

Discover Fitness Internet Radio with MariaAppelqvist on BlogTalkRadio

"During the past year I've learned to know so many powerful women. And I mean really powerful women that are true to their business and in lives in integrity with their leadership, walking their talk, leading by example. They have strongly inspired me to take all the steps I'm currently taking. Join me in this show and learn from Amazon Bestseller Author of "The FITT Solution" Rhonda Liebig." Maria Appelqvist  

Time frames:

  • 3:00 Learn about "The FITT Solution and why this book brought me to #1 Best Selling Author
  • 7:10  I answer the age old question about our Sabotages. Listen to my answer it may surprise you.
  • 21:36 My Story, how I got here and why my husband is a key component in my business and life success.
  • 32:45 S.E.X. Yes Maria goes there. So let's talk about it!

New Self Help Internet Radio with E Factor with Brenda Pearce on BlogTalkRadio

  With all the distance between Brenda Pearce located in Canada and Rhonda in sunny California, we come together in a personal way and learn how I work with women virtually, coaching and inspiring them to invest in their health and themselves by tapping into their pure authenticity. See below for the time frames to hear the highlights. Click and tune in and get your body and mind into balance and kick’in into High Energy. 

  • 4:40 Let's talk about SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • 8:00 Listen how Brenda and I talk about our blossoming friendship and how it's important to connect with your woman community.
  • 8:40  Why remembering your childhood is an important key to your success 13:00 Why we need a coach because they will be your backbone on your hard sabotage days.
  • 19:00 Easy to get Depressed
  • 20:30 Some people can eat more than others
  • 23:00 Funny story about trying to transition family to healthier foods
  • 25:30 Let's go skydiving 35:50 Let's talk about FITT Camp and why you need a 2 day jump start to lose weight and reset
  • 36:30 Success Stories of women working with me. I am learning to ask women how their experience has been with me. Wow results I was not gathering in prior years and now am starting to capture this good information.

The rest of the interview is a great discussion in leaning about your personal health journey and beauty factor. Love this interview. Brenda is a great interviewer. Click

link to step into the FITT podcast interview   What does it take to be a #1 Best Selling Author and launch a successful business? Listen to my interview with Alicia Dunams, Laura Brandes, and Elizabeth Hamilton as we sit on an expert panel discussing the details.

Simone Vianna

Podcast Interviews with Simone Vianna

Rhonda is a regular on blog radio. Look for upcoming interviews on the events tab. Click here

Radio talk Show cable FM 88.7 Moda Elegante by Simone Vianna

Doug Green Interview

[Interview/Discussion] 3 Simple Steps to Achieve a Balanced Life, More Income, less Stress and More Energy!

[Click] Watch the Interview Energize Doug Greene has his own google hangout where he promotes people like me that support others in their health and life journeys. Click on link to start the interview. I am going to give detailed information and give you clarity on why you need life balance to bring success to your business. I will share 3 Simple Steps to Achieve a Balanced Life, More Income, less Stress and More Energy. Then I will lay out an action plan for you to implement now. Be ready to implement and accelerate your business. I will also be sharing my FITT Signature System that will help you bring your vision to success! This discussion is for you if you are: -a Solopreneur/Entrepreneur/ Head of the Household/ Leader in your field -feeling fatigued -feeling overly stressed -needing support for increased Energy so you can have more productive days -looking to bring higher income into your business. Come join the FITT fun!

Expert Panel BBB 22social hangout

 [Interview] Book Launch Party - "The FITT Solution- 4 Steps to a Sexy, Successful, Authentic You"!

Click and watch the interview. This interview you will learn about my book and what I do as a health coach. This interview was a lot of fun and it was wonderful to be on the circuit with other authors. This was a special event to be part of and the first interview for my book. Since this video is a couple of hours here are the times that you can  catch me:

Here are the times that I am talking in this book launch video. 1:10, 24:33, 59:45, and 1:29:16.

 Quarterly Webinar

FITT Into My Quarterly Webinars and Transform Your Day

These FREE quarterly Webinars will give you the additional layer of health into your life.   Recordings of Past WebinarsSteps To Obtain Your Work Life Balance [Video will start 2 minutes into it because of youtube video. Fast forward]. Click on links below.

How To FIIT Into The Body That You Love                                           

Hidden Sugars In Your Food