Connect With Your Weight Loss Journey – Michaela’s Story

Breaking the code to bad habits can be agonizing!

Michaela is infectious in this video and so tender in her moments after a great workout and coaching session.  The beginning steps where Michaela was at during this video are the most fragile steps because they are the first steps. To break away from BAD HABITS it is vital to have a:

  • Good supporting friend,
  • Coach that understands you, or
  • Group (your tribe) that thinks like you or the future you.

The next steps that Michaela took to break the code of old BAD HABITS were smart but usually get lost and that’s why most of us fail:

  1. Living in the present and
  2. Learning to stay committed to her goal with discipline even when her ground felt shaky sitting in unfamiliar territory.

Here is Michaela’s healthy transformation that has already inspired many.


Michaela’s Struggles

Michaela used food as her comfort in eating fast food and soda every day. She was not working out and would have asthma attacks if she did work out. The asthma attacks really scared her and she even questioned if she could have a successful workout without the physical pain and also the fear that drowned in her mind. What made these moments painful for her was that just 2 years ago she thought that she made her goal weight and that she was finally there, but she was still missing components to her journey. She did not a lot of positive community around… she was missing her healthy tribe in which she needed dearly at this point. During this time Michaela found times where crying would take over because of the gap of where she was to where she saw her future self. With each workout and coaching session she started stepping away from her fear and trepidation. 

Michaela’s Fearless Steps and Staggering Results:
Portion control – she used to eat until she felt sick.

Clearing mental sabotages – working through feeling better about herself and not feeling so much anger in moments of not having control in certain situations.

Consistent workouts – she had fears of working out because of her asthma attacks and now has strengthened her lungs and her ability to workout even harder.
Changing food choices – stopped eating fast food and soda every day.
Daring Commitments to herself– her ability to connect with her future goals have given her that ability to suspend from day to day stress and keep her vision moving forward with true sincere success whole combining her diet with a supplement named resurge.
Coaching notes:
It has been wonderful to watch Michaela’s journey with her successes and even her setbacks of staying at plateaus longer than expected. When we first started working together there was a lot of raw emotion that she had to work through. Michaela is very inspiring to work with because she doesn’t hold back on her BIG goals and tenacity. She is very infectious with her energy in what she wants in her life and I have no question in that she will make her goals
What allows us to feel life a failure is our own voice breaking us down…

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