Muscle Testing

What is muscle testing? [Must be in person]

Muscle TestingReflex Nutrition is a form of nutritional assessment by using muscle testing.  This method is used to determine which supplements best meet your needs.
During this consultation we spend approximately 60 minutes with you in 
conversation, both listening and questioning, and responding to your questions, 
as you describe your health challenges.

In this process we combine your verbal 
information with what you report on the “Health Appraisal Questionaire” and the 
“Nutritional Assessment Form”.


Get your muscle testing done in this 60 minute session for only $30!



Muscle TestingWhy is RNA Valuable?
RNA is valuable because we live in a nation where nutritional help is needed.

According to a report from the U.S. Surgeon General, 8 out of 10 Americans are expected to die of a disease caused or affected by nutrition, diet, and/or drink.  In addition, a great deal of non-life threatening diseases and complaints have nutritional components.

Since nearly every process in the human body involves nutrition, RNA can be helpful for people with any number of concerns or complaints.  People with problems which have not responded to standard medical care or who have other physical or mental concerns often have benefited from RNA.

Unlike other assessment methods which consider everyone the same, RNA is based on the fact that all people are different.  Because it helps account for these differences, people often report higher degrees of improvement from RNA than from various other nutritional assessment methods.  In addition to current concerns, although RNA is not a diagnostic technique, it can help uncover nutritional deficiencies before they develop into larger concerns.