My Shift

Welcome PictureThank you for all the support throughout our transition in getting the Health Coaching business up and running.  When I first started this business I didn’t realize all the opportunities available out there in supporting women on the How To’s of breaking out of their regular routine and opening  up a new pathway of health.  As you will see below we have been busy booking engagements from foods that heal, to getting your lean summer body, plus an entire day to support you in our FIT Retreat [A side note if you are not available to be at the FIT Retreat we will be recording that day and it will be available for you on our website].  So get on my website and book your time for an event or connect with us through Skype or come in person.

To pull all this together with my new shift, there has been a lot of hours of preparation, working with Allie my assistant, Anna my graphic designer and peer coach plus my great friends around me in full support.  Without them I would not be able to keep it all together with the new transition.  So make sure to keep up with us through this exciting time and participating through our social media, my blogs, newsletters, speaking engagements plus my book release which will occur this summer.

Check out our events below and come be a part of them through Skype or in person:

  • 5/18 Women’s FIT Retreat! Break Through The Diet Sabotage & Gain Energy 
  • 5/22 FREE Discussion! Get Your Lean Summer Body |Public Library @7PM 
  • Starting June 4 – 3 Week Pain Therapy Clinic | T,W,TH @7:15PM – 7:45PM
  • June 13th – FREE Discussion! Del Web | Foods That Health Joint Pain
  • July/August – Book Release with recipes and workouts for your optimal health
  • There are more speaking engagements that we are currently working on so keep checking on our Events page.

Go to my web Events page for full detail of each event:

Through all these events the various people that we are supporting are mainly women who are ready for a lifestyle shift with more energy and a slimmer them. So do you find yourself feeling:

  • Overwhelmed?
  • Aging quickly through your stressful lifestyle?
  • Needing more energy?

Then make it to our events.  Plus you can spend 45 minutes with me as a certified health coach for your first health strategy session for $197.

Have an incredibly FIT day and see you soon.


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