Note To My Daughter

Kiersten my daughterMy beautiful daughter you are such a delicate creature that brings me to a flow of tears. You are a precious person that thinks of others each step that you do. Any time that I need a hug you are always there for me. The way you live your life, you inspire me to be the best person and mom that I can be.  I have learned to allow you the space to think your own thoughts and  to know what independence feels like. You remind me how important it is to keep myself open, keep my mask off, and bask in pure openness and to show love towards others.  How rich you have made our lives in the household.

Since I have started this business you have been a part of it from working out with the ladies, helping with the monthly demonstration dinners, to coming to my health and wellness discussions.  You are such a hard worker.  I am very proud of you in what you do.

I am excited to watch each step you do to becoming a young woman.

Love you always, “Mama”


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