Oh No I Did Not Just Say That…


Oh No I Did Not Just Say That…

Would it surprise you if I said that I can be a little controversial sometimes? For example, when clients come to me who have vices such as their enjoying a glass of wine or two in the evening, or simply slumping in front of the TV occasionally with their favorite comfort food, the last thing they expect me to say is, “okay, don’t worry, I’m not going to take that away from you.”

“What did she just say?” More than a few raised eyebrows have said back at me over the years. However, what I’ve learned in years of helping coach people through lifestyle and in general wellness issues, is that when you suddenly take certain pleasures and occasionally even emotional anchors away from people, any subsequently achieved weight loss simply doesn’t last.

The Issue of Balance

Why is this the case? Well, to put it as simply as possible, when people substitute extremes such as eating unhealthily for extremes such as eating only nutritious, wholesome food and exercising, the one thing they don’t achieve is individual emotional balance.

Don’t get me wrong, the path to better wellness does lie in diet and nutrition. However the three stages of a failing diet usually go something like this:

1. People restrict their diets. (They exclude things like meat, carbohydrates, fat etc…) And 95% of the time people do lose weight.

2. People then celebrate their new found weight loss but at the same time worry about always living so restrictively and how they are going to be able stick to their diet in the long term in order to keep their weight stable.

3. In the end people still crave all the foods they used to eat. Battling with these cravings 90% of people eventually give in and relapse back into their old lifestyle.

However, when people do relapse, not only do they gain their weight back quicker due to allergic or adverse effects to food that they are adding back into their diet which weren’t identified previously, but they feel bad, comfort eat, binge and end up being low on energy and feeling even lower when it comes to motivating themselves to try again.

It’s simple. When people swing from unhealthy to healthy overnight, they don’t actually change their underlying emotional relationship with food.

Connection Is key

In this case, what people need to be doing instead is better connecting emotionally with why things like sugar are intrinsically bad for the health of our pancreas and how peoples weight is just one underlying symptom of a bodily system in distress. People if you like, need to decide for themselves that they want to take incremental steps to better health not just because they want to look slimmer, but because they want to stop feeling tired and anxious all the time.

However, connecting with ourselves isn’t just about educating ourselves in regard to why we should be eating better and deciding that we want to make positive changes for our own physical benefit. Connecting with ourselves is also about clearing our schedules of commitments to other people’s welfare over our own. This and blocking negative non-supportive energy such as that coming from people like the partner of one of my new clients Lisa, who calls her eating vegetables her eating “voodoo food.”

Asking Yourself The Big Question

The big question is have you decided that you want to change for yourself yet? If you have this is a great place to start and I’m committed to helping you achieve the changes you want to experience. In fact, during Tuesday’s call you are going to hear success stories. These success stories are going to be different than what you have heard before. You are going to see ladies that have broken through big mental blocks, have lost 20 + pounds, and have worked through anxiety so that they can start living life to their fullest.

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