Ouch! Why Does My Belly Hurt?

I have heard from many of my clients discussing that breakfast is off the table and that their stomach is not ready to eat at “that time”.

When you were a baby you were eating breakfast. So what happened?

Your stomach can be sore for many reasons in the morning. But you can start your journey right here and now by looking at what you are eating throughout the day.

The 2 things to look at:

  1. Are you having too much processed “bad fat” and overworking your liver and gallbladder?
  2. Are you having too much sugar and overworking your liver and your pancreas?
Once the body is resting at night it goes into repair mode. But if your organs are overworked and not working at it’s optimum there is going to be disruption in the nightly cleansing, thus leaving you with a sore belly.
Tip: Answer your why (what are you eating throughout the day based on the 2 descriptions above), make your new adjustments to healthier fats and/or less sugar, and then start eating breakfast to get your transition started.
Why eating breakfast is the most important meal of the day:
  • Calms your nervous system, less anxiety;
  • Starts your metabolism for the day, burn more calories;
  • Gives you increased mental capacity throughout the entire day… this is a good beginning of ridding your body of the 3 PM slump…
And please think about this…
What you choose for breakfast is vital for the above results…
So we need to start implementing breakfast as soon as possible. You will hear more of this on my segment with Fox News coming up next Tuesday, August 25th @8:40 AM Pacific. Here is the LIVE web link for you on Tuesday: fox40.com/on-air/live-streaming/
Have an insightful day,
Rhonda Liebig, 
AADP Certified Health Coach & Author, “The FITT Solution” 

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