Person of the Month – Estelle #1

I am very happy to introduce Estelle to you. She is a physically strong person that is working on getting her whole body back to being toned but a health issue sometimes effects her workouts. Get to know Estelle on her first blog and I look forward to her remaining BLOGS so you get a chance to know her and care about her like I do.

Well this is my first BLOG and a bit nervous about what I should say since this is new for me… so here it goes. I have been working out with Rhonda through SKYPE, when I am at home in Utah and when I am in town, I workout in the studio. I have been enjoying a more tone body and the motivation that I get from having Rhonda conveniently in my living room is GREAT. I am working out with a SKYPE Group Monday and Wednesday and 1on1 workouts on Fridays’. My workouts consist of yoga, light to heavy weights, fit ball, bands, and stretching classes. My favorite is ALL the stretching that we do. Stretching eases the pains that I am currently feeling in my joints along with body aches that allow me to have a more positive day. ALL the workouts that we do leave me feeling refreshed and stronger.

Next week in my next blog to help you to get to know me more, I will discuss some of the health issues that I have had and my accomplishment in how I am dealing with them. I want to share how I am getting stronger throughout my program.

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