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The Fresh Inspiration Show podcast and tv show has experts from all over the world to support you in your business, health and wellness and spiritual journey of Mindset Transformation Entertainment (TM). This show is a monthly virtual LIVE where we get to answer your questions and interact directly with you as a symposium platform, then this content is repurposed as seen below in this podcast that's on iTunes, iHeart and Spotify, and then this show is professionally edited down to a global 45 minute show readily available for millions of viewers on ROKU tv and Firestick TV.

Take a moment and check out our episodes below. We are here to serve you in your higher level of untapped woowoo, intuition! Is it your time to play at a higher level. If you love this then make sure to grab the link below and give us a five star rating.

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About Your Host

Rhonda Liebig

CEO and Producer of the Fresh Inspiration Show

Rhonda is CEO, producer and founder of this global tv show as she has dedicated her life to supporting other speakers to authentically show up at a higher frequency to entertain through their vocals and their love in life while living in their purpose. Rhonda believes we are all here to lock arms, support each and create a safe, loving connected world.

This is what Rhonda utilizes and pulls from her past experiences to create high vibe energy with the people that are part of her community with: 12 years experience as an entrepreneur, highlighted in media on various platforms, two best selling authored books that are 100% written by her from all her experiences, 20 years in the health industry (to support your vitality) and 10 years in the corporate fast pace CPA world helping professionals create new income flows and streamline their departments and companies.

As Rhonda loves to say, "She's gotcher back and "You Got This"!