Research on Blueberries

The Effects of Blueberries/ Research on Blueberries


A 2010 study in the Journal of Nutrition measured the effects of blueberries on a variety of cardiovascular risk factors.



Four men and 44 women were split into two groups. One group drank 50 grams of a frozen blueberry drink and the other group drank an equivalent amount of water for eight weeks.



At the end of the eight week study, the group that ingested the blueberry drink had a significant reduction in both, systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels. This group also experienced a significant reduction in oxidized LDL (low density lipoproteins). Known as “the bad cholesterol,” increased LDLs are linked to arterial damage and cardiovascular disease risk.



High blood pressure and high cholesterol, along with extra abdominal fat or obesity and elevated blood sugars, are cardiovascular risk factors. When experienced together, this cluster of symptoms is referred to as Metabolic Syndrome.



Regular screening for these factors is a key step in the prevention of cardiovascular issues:


  • You can get your blood pressure checked at most pharmacies or supermarkets, or buy an inexpensive blood pressure monitoring device.


  • Regular blood tests to screen for cholesterol and other risk factors are a must.


  • Check your blood sugar levels to prevent the insidious rise of blood sugar. Blood sugars that are even slightly high present significant risk to arterial health. Blood sugar monitors can be purchased at any pharmacy. You can check out my website and learn about my health coaching sessions to carve out those bad foods and add the foods that heal your body.




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