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Unleash Your Moxy Mondays - LIVE show

Are you ready to be more sparkling, confident, daring and energetic while overcoming a challenge to reach your "dare I reach goal? Is there a specific area in your life where you'd like to see more Moxy?
This weekly show is about getting out of the same-ole -same-ole mindset, seeking to break free from the plagued boring results time and again.
Rhonda's gotcher back as your weekly host, with her unique background of running shows/podcasts for 7 years.
The Unleash Your Moxy show's desire is to create Mindset Transformation Entertainment (TM) while discovering the energetic shift to achieve Freedom, Safety and Healing which are the "Wake-up and Heal Your Moxy" success pillars.
It's your time to quantum leap and bend time the Moxy way each Monday @7AM Pacific/ 10AM Eastern.
GV video series

Create your Global Vision - FREE Video Series

Ready to Break Through the Noise, Fear and Uncertainty, so You Can Expand Your Vision and Create Transformation You Desire?

Learn how to apply the Global Vision system to increase your clarity, visibility and your voice to unlock your potential and increase revenue in your business in just 2 weeks, so you can be finally seen, heard and make a lasting impact.

Don't Miss Out on More Visibility, Impact and Revenue to break free from obstacles you are currently facing in achieving your goals. Apply the Global Vision System to your business, taught in 4-video series and unlock your potential.

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Fresh Talks - Global Vision multi-level media show - FREE TICKETS 

Fresh Talks - Global Vision  with Mindset Transformation Entertainment ™.

Welcome to Fresh Talks - an exciting online event that will transform your mindset and broaden your global vision! Join us for an immersive experience where we explore the power of mindset transformation from experts around the globe speaking on business, spirituality, health and wellness and lifestyle.

Our speakers, experts in their fields, will share their insights and inspire you to unlock your full potential. This quarter's theme will be released soon. Right now you can grab your FREE virtual seat and know that we got your back as we love to support your Mindset Transformation Entertainment (TM)

Angela Santi stated about the show..., "This is an absolute incredible show!" ~Angela Santi with Living Dolce Vida Lifestyle stated

Business and Speaker Coaching Services:

Vitality Speaker Coaching - services

Vitality Speaker/Business Coaching [Group] #superstarspeaker

How would it be to get yourself out there as one of the leading experts in business and doing it through speaking.

In this group program one of the main steps that we do is to get your word branding done as this is your base to having a stronger connection with your audience, showing up consistently you and building stronger marketing and programs.

A bonus of being part of this speaker / business coaching is you learn to effectively communicate as an expert to connect with your audience. Rhonda Liebig, a speaker for 20 years in corporate and motivational speaker plus running her multi-level media show for over 7 years utilizes her Eight Ways to Communicate with Your Audience Effectively coaching that will connect you into deeper conversations with virtual and in person conversations/talks.

Our program is designed to not just help you become a better speaker, but also to strategically position you as an industry expert. The added bonus of featuing on our show, Fresh Talks - Global Vision, will indeed give you marketing that extra sizzle.

Remember, your journey to becoming an elite speaker starts here. Click the button to learn more about the program and take this exciting step together.

speaker on show

#Superstarspeaker do a Fresh Talk on Fresh Talks - Global Vision, multi-level media show

Fresh Talks - Global Vision is a show that brings experts like you into sharing your expertise and passion and while creating impact.

We are very interested in what you have been doing out there in your talks. What have your audiences been learning from you and what topics have been resonating with your audience? These types of insights will support a greater impact together during our LIVE show.

Getting to know more about Rhonda Liebig, founder and host has been running multi-level media shows for seven years and has trademarked Mindset Transformation Entertainment™ with the vision of supporting audiences through the vein of frank conversations, direct tips, motivational talks and looking at the bigger picture concept. Our global Vision's is use your vocals to stopping the shaming and blaming in this world; #speakerlockingarms. This hashtag has over 60K views and growing each day.

Click the button and begin your journey.

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Unleash Your Moxy Diamond Program

Rhonda believes in quantum leaping and bending time!

VIP 1on1 coaching with Rhonda is a special invite to confirm that this specially tailored coaching dynamically fits all within you and what you're reaching for right now. Rhonda's unique blend of expertise in health, business consulting and media production, coupled with her hands-on coaching approach, is designed to provide you with the tools and strategies that will help you actualize your vision.

" Rhonda helped me get super clear on my business as there were many things that I was doing as a therapist and coach. Once we nailed that down I brought in more business utilizing her technical side as she helped me with proposals, presentations, talks and reaching out to people (sales). Plus I learned to love my body in a new way while decreasing my medicine through her health coaching support." ~Janeen with SOS to Resilience Coaching

AADP Certified - Health Coaching Services:

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get RAW go BOLD be YOU - Group Vitality Health Coaching

Let's uncover your path to vitality together!

Do you ever feel like your body is sluggish and you've lost your vitality, dealing with chronic aches and pains. This like minded health coaching group builds upon health steps that support a new layer of unshakeable belief that life is about loving your body and you mindset is cohesive with believing in YOU. This lifestyle becomes a higher belief being able to live in less: pain, mindset sabotage and disconnect. This is where you learn to play ALL IN and rid yourself of the old diet mentality.

Rhonda, an AADP Certified Health Coach will lead with her tools "10 Sabotages that Rob Your Vitality, Cash and Wellness" and the "FITT Goal Strategy" that comes from her first best sellor book. With these toolsthis is where it goes deep for life transformation as each session always touches on the Three Energy Revitalize Pillars: Mindest; Body Connection; and Food.

As a person that has been wondering and questioning healthy concepts since age four, she has questions for you to ask yourself: 1. Have you felt stuck for a long time? 2. Have you ever yearned to live in deeper, consistent inspiration? and 3. Are you ready to claim bolder health lifestyle goals?

“Rhonda is my health coach who has inspired me, educated me and supported me in my health journey. With her, I’ve gotten healthier and so has my business!” ~ Laura Marie #setfreetorunfree