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Vitality Speaker Coaching [Group] #superstarspeaker

How would it be to be held as an expert for six weeks series broadcasted in a private community, basking in your expertise as you authentically shine with your accolades highlighted; Be a #Superstarspeaker on the multi-level media show with your Global Vision expert talk on Fresh Talks Global Vision; Create your expert talk that will catch attention; Learn how to create your branding vocals, cadence and words that truly represent YOU and have a community that supports you too as we believe that to be a #superstarspeaker we all thrive through like minded community.

diamond services

Vitality Diamond 1 on 1

VIP 1on1 coaching with Rhonda is a special invite, make sure to click and fill out the form. This is not a program this is a personalized guidance based on your vision/goals and Rhonda will be right along your side as your coach/partner. A few of Rhonda's gems: 1) AADP Certified Health Coach, 2) 20+ years in the health industry, 3) CPA business background, 4) 20+ years of speaking, and 5) 5+ years Producing & Hosting a multi-level media show Fresh Talks - GV.

Resources you receive at a Vitality Diamond level

  • Community, Vitality Heart Hub
  • #superstarspeaker Coaching
  • Vitality Health & Lifestyle Coaching
  • Vitality Business Coaching
  • 1 on 1 AND Group Coaching
  • Creating your global vision impact

Support for you as a Diamond client's. Reviews and strategies on: Business Proposals, Business Plan, Contracts, Slide decks, Your talk & Speaking Gigs, Your lifestyle plan, Word Branding

HC Services

Vitality Health Coaching

Do you ever feel like your body is sluggish and you've lost your vitality with aches and pains, questions about what to eat to bring back that passion and energy. This group health coaching is for if you are ready to rid yourself of the past stories that, "you have to live in this low energy and pain because of age/ that's how it is, and you're ready for sustainable life skills and strategies. I am an AADP Certified Health Coach and I will give you my 20+ years experience in this health industry and partnering with you in all your gems you know about yourself and your health journey with my skills of working with fascia toning and movement, holistic food and herb chef and mindset sabotage clearing. … I've got your back! You are welcome in at any time of the year as we have a rolling 12 months created for you in 6 and 12 month programs with seasonal themes, special eating programs as we create your connection to your kitchen with fresh wholesome foods and herbs reconnecting your personal vitality. I love to stop the health “have to’s” and create energy in the, “I Get To” as I lead with my signature plan, "The Energized Path Solution".

GV video series

Create your Global Vision - FREE Video Series

Ready to Break Through the Noise, Fear and Uncertainty, so You Can Expand Your Vision and Create Transformation You Desire?

Learn how to apply the Global Vision system to increase your clarity, visibility and your voice in your business in just 2 weeks, so you can be finally seen, heard and make a lasting impact.

Don't Miss Out on More Visibility, Impact and Revenue. Apply the Global Vision System to your business, taught in 4-video series and unlock your potential.

grab your ticket services

Fresh Talks - Global Vision multi-level media show - FREE TICKET 

Fresh Talks - Global Vision is a monthly virtual show for Your Mindset Transformation Entertainment ™.

Fresh Talks has created monthly themes to inspire you in your health, spirituality, business, motivation and vitality. FTGV is a multi-level media show that brings various #superstarspeakersk as we go LIVE on various platforms, then we edit our show from one to three minutes of bite-size video that premiers on TikTok and YouTube.

Grab your FREE ticket and receive VIP treatment as you have an opportunity to win prizes, get the recipe of the month specially picked out by the host and founder Rhonda Liebig, and special presents from each star. Share this show with friends as this is a bring your friend event.

speaker on show

#Superstarspeaker do a Fresh Talk on this multi-level media show

Fresh Talks - Global Vision is a monthly virtual show for Your Mindset Transformation Entertainment ™ and we are inviting you to do your powerful talk that speakers to your special niche and who you are out there in the world creating your #globalmovement.

P.S. If you haven't claimed your global movement yet, by the time that you come on LIVE in our show you will have support in getting that together for YOU.