Your Path To Sexy, Successful You – Use My 4 FITT Steps For Lasting Impact

No More Diet Sabotage

Have you ever started working on a goal and somehow through your process you forgot that you made the commitment to yourself?  Then you remember for example, “Oh yeah I forgot that I was not going to eat as much sugar starting last week”. Well how did you forget? When you made that commitment to yourself remember that excited feeling that we get and a surging energy shoots straight through our body, “Yes I can do this!” But somehow the energy got lost in the craziness of life. So now what? Do you try and start all over again? Yes for sure! As the saying goes, “There’s always a new day”. Now that you have made this renewed commitment to yourself , let me help you set it up for a life long success.

To get your plan going, get to know the right combination, the 4 basic steps of FITT, Focus, Integrate, Transform, and Thrive. Stick to the steps and you will be able to make your life long changes. These steps are going to keep you focused on your original intentions and changes that will stick with you for life.These steps are so vital to anything that you do that if you don’t use them you will be doing the opposite, sabotaging your goal. And you do not want to be sabotaging yourself anymore but moving forward into your authentic path. So here is how to lay out your no holes stable plan. I will use the example of decrease my sugar consumption to display how my Signature 4 Steps apply so you can apply your own goal by replicating my example below.


Set your intentions so you can give some breathing space for your new FITT sexy, successful, goal. My goal is to decrease my sugar intake to 15 grams a day. I will take a month to conquer my big, crazy goal. Boy I am feeling scared because I eat sugar every day and feeling nervous about pulling it out of my day to only 15 grams. I know this goal is important to me because I am feeling overly stressed from life which keeps me drinking my mochas a couple times a day, I have the 3PM slump going on, and I am ready to reclaim my beauty factor back that sugar has been taking from me.

Now you have documented what your focus is which is your first step. In this example you have also documented how long you are going to take to get to this goal. So now is the time to integrate your plan. Each step is going to be methodical because once you start laying it out like a good solid plan, it’s almost as if the emotional connection to food evaporates into your intentions. There is no stopping you now.


Now it is time to integrate your process. This is your kick in the butt list, no side stepping, do what your promise yourself in your layered out goal. Make a list of what you need to do to get to your goal. This is where the excitement starts because now you are laying out the foundation in how you are going to get to this intense goal that you know you need to do for your health, energy, and of course your beauty factor.

Make your list in order of your 4 weeks. My 1 month plan:

  • Week 1 – Organize my calendar [Sunday], find the open spaces to add my steps to the calendar [Sunday], Document how much sugar I am eating [Monday-Friday].  On an average how much sugar am I consuming? [Saturday] [Try using myfitnesspal which I use with my clients for logging their food. Electronic is a great way to log too because everything calculatesur quick.]
  • Week 2 – Use my logging  to analyze the foods that are sabotaging my health, energy, and beauty factor. Choose the food that I feel comfortable taking out right away. Look for what is a lower sugar alternative? [Monday] Take charge and implement this week to start my transformation. [start Tuesday]. Keep logging every day to see results of my sugar intake
  • Week 3 – <Only 20 grams of sugar this week.> Cut the sugar add natural alternatives, document on myfitnesspal [start Sunday]
  • Week 4 – <Only 15 grams of sugar this week.> Cut the sugar add natural alternatives, document on myfitnesspal [start Sunday]. Implement your gratitude journaling to get to your step 3, Transform.

Integrate your plan now that you have laid it out.


Now that you have been following your 1 month plan you are going to start feeling your transformation. The first couple of weeks are going to be extremely hard. Keep looking at your Focus step to remind yourself why you are doing this. There is no way to forget your plan. You have infused into your sure fire way to your success. Now to keep your transformation going you need to implement your gratitude journal. Here are a few good questions to ask yourself daily to keep your mind focused, consistently integrating your plan, and move into your transformation stage:

  1. When you wake up – 3 top people in your life that support you for who you are?
  2. During the day- Take deep breaths focusing on how the inhales bring energy to your body, your exhales helping you relax. Less tension in your day will support your new goals and not reaching for food or high sugar drinks to get you through your day.
  3. Evening – 1) Write your success for the day, 2) Write what you would like to do better tomorrow, 3) write anything else that is on your mind that is making you restless.

TIP: Keep your mind into your process. Don’t second guess yourself. FITT all your steps in that you have committed to to get to your sexy, successful goal.


This stage will be your 5th week once you have conquered your 1 month goal and doing your gratitude journaling. This is your reflection time. You are now in your FITT mind. It is time to re-evaluate your plan, are you ready to do some tweaks to your process that may not have worked so well or you are ready to go deaper into your goal an start looking at not just the sugar but maybe the types of foods that you are eating. Review your steps 1,2,and3 and see that if you have a new goal that will keep you going deeper down your authentic path. Once you’re ready, start your 4 FITT steps again, Focus, Integrate, Transform, and Thrive.

Enjoy your first round of my FITT Signature 4 Steps. Keep re-working your goals to your sexy, successful self. Be proud of what you are doing because goals are very hard to get through because we are going down a path that is new to us.

Rhonda Liebig, Personal Trainer & Health Coach

Focused Integrate Transform Thrive {F.I.T.T.}

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