3 Easy Steps To Shrink Your Waistline

3 Easy Steps To Shrink Your Waistline!

I have been coaching ladies through the FITT Summer DETOX…

Guess what their #1 issue was before the ladies stepped into the detox? Their waistline and belly were too bloated and they didn’t know how to bring the bloat down.

As one of my client’s said, “I’ve got now my waistline back. My belly is looking more flat and my dresses look more gorgeous on me now. And I’ve got energy!!!”

Isn’t that what we all want:

  • Waistline Back,
  • Belly more flat, and
  • Dresses looking more gorgeous on you?

Today I am going to share secrets and tips on “3 Easy Steps To Shrink Your Waistline!

You are going to find that this vlog is going to be different and refreshing because you are going to be in the spotlight… today you are going to find out what works best for you personally.

So stay a bit long on this vlog and enjoy the 3 Steps that I have been sharing on Fox 40 and with others.


Step #1: Listen and Discover What Your Body Wants.

Stop and listen to your body and allow your energy highs educate you to what truly is working. Sometimes we feel energetic through inspiration, through foods, and the people that we spend time with. All of this is important..

Each day add a wholesome healthy snack that will bring you vibrant energy and build healthy cells in your body. After all “You Are What You Eat!”


Step #2: Replace Sugar Drinks With Different and Fun Water Drinks such as:

  • Tea
  • Hot water
  • Lemon water

Tip: Keep swapping the sugary drinks so that your blood sugar levels are balanced. You will be surprised how fast your body will stop bloating and start losing the weight.

Always Keep yourself hydrated. Your body will love you for it and the nutrients that you eat daily will get transferred to the right places to keep the body wholly nourished.

Did you know that 75% of Americans are dehydrated, do you want to flush your system and keep the body working the way that it should be so that you can lose weight, lose the bloat, bring up the beauty factor… then let’s do it together.

Grab your drink of choice, water, infused water tea… what is your drink?

Childs Pose

Step #3: Have a daily ritual

  • Meditate
  • Do something fun each day
  • Spend time with friends and family


I would love to hear back from you… what is your drink of choice and what do you do to try and keep yourself replenished?



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