Skype Testimonial – Antioch

I like working out on Skype because you can do it in the privacy of your own home and don’t have to go out to a gym. Rhonda is a very conscientious personal training. She always explains what we are going to do and what muscles or parts we are working and then demonstrates it and make sure that we are positioned correctly. She remains us to bend our knees but not past our
toes to protect our backs, our shoulders back and down and stomachs in so we have good posture. If you have shoulder or knee problems she will modify the exercise so that you do not irritate it but still get the benefit of the exercise. She will demonstrate different level to accommodate everyone. Rhonda is always encouraging us to go out of our comfort zone and get the most out of the workout. After every workout I will fell good and energized and ready to continue my day. During the day, when I’m walking I always remember what she tells us about good posture and I straighten my shoulders and pull in my stomach. When I get ready to bend I remember to bend my knee so I don’t hurt my back. Rhonda is also concerned about your diet. I joined so that she can see what I’m eating and help me to adjust it to get the most out of my workouts. She answers any questions that you might have. I have lost weight and I really look forward to and enjoy our workouts. I’m not an exercise person but Rhonda makes it fun and interesting and keeps changing it up so you never get bored. I would highly recommend Rhonda to anybody because she is just fantastic!!!

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