SKYPE Testimonial – Concord

SKYPE Testimonial from Annette,

I really, REALLY enjoy working out through Skype. My job is so stressful that this allows me to just come home and get on the computer! I don’t have to change clothes (although I do) to workout, nor do I have to leave my house! It is so convenient, it’s hard not to work out. I have to say, now, when I say now when I‘ve had a really bad day at work, I look forward to coming home and working out, because I feel so much better afterwards. It has made such a difference in my life, I can’t even explain it. You feel so much better after working out, and Rhonda is so good at watching you to make sure you are in the right position so you don’t hurt yourself. I have shoulder and knee problems, but she is very aware of everyone’s issues and she makes sure that whatever exercises she plans for us, will not hurt us, or she offers alternative exercises. I would highly recommend going to one of her classes or joining one of her Skype groups. It is definitely worth it and your body will thank you!


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