Skype Workout! Say What?

What is a “Skype Workout”? It’s a workout that you can do at home with me – just log into You will need a computer that has a camera and microphone built in or go down to your local Target, Walmart, wherever to get your camera & microphone. Once you are done reading the testimonials you can jump into this link and it will show you the set up that I have in the studio.


I absolutely love working out with Rhonda. I’m amazed at how great it is to be able to do it in my own living room via Skype. She is excellent personal trainer. She really knows how to keep you on your toes and how to subtly push you to do more. Yet she will change or modify an exercise when something doesn’t feel right, in order to perform the moves correctly. I have been working out with her 2 days a week for months and it has made a big difference to my core. Rhonda is a consummate professional who is passionate about fitness and teaches by example how to have a very healthy lifestyle. I look forward each week to our workouts. I highly recommend working out with her via Skype or if your lucky in person.

LOCATION: Petaluma

I wasn’t sure about working out using Skype but it is great. Not only do I get to be home but the group I work out with are from different states and towns, that I get to see 3 times a week. What can I say about our personal trainer Rhonda……. She is great. She keeps us going. She makes sure each of us are doing our moves correctly as not to get injured. Rhonda also tracks with us our fitness goals and cheers us on. I have seen a big difference in the way I hold myself whether sitting, standing or walking.
The best part is I have lost weight and inches.
I highly recommend working out with Rhonda via Skype. She is great and you will get a good workout right in your home

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