Something to Sweat About

The blog that I did recently “THOUGHTS – CHALLENGES” was inspired by reading this article in Oxygen Magazine.  I am hoping that you enjoy it and get something out of it.  Give me a blog on how get through your challenges. 




When it comes to building a lean, strong and fit body, there’s only one person who can rely on to make it happen in your life: yourself.  While your friends family and significant others can offer great support for your health and fitness endeavors, the ball is in your court to put in the commitment and hard work to reach your goals.  But are you your own worst critic?  Take a moment to reflect on how you treat yourself so that you can become your own biggest support system.


1. Self talk, or the dialogue you have inside your mind, can make or break a gym session.  Often, the key to overcoming a training obstacle (e.g., your tired and you don’t think you can finish your set) is to keep it positive.  Before your next session jot down three statements of encouragement that you can repeat to yourself if you come up again a challenge.


2. Instead of beating yourself up about your weaknesses, focus on your strengths and successes and use them as motivation to propel your fitness forward.  Write down one thing that you rock at in the gym, and one recent moment of accomplishment.


3. Forgive yourself.  So what if you missed a workout or had a little cheat?  Don’t dwell on it – move on.  List on things you’re going to “forgive yourself” for this week, and reflect on your recovery plan.





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