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Vitality Speaker Coaching May Be For You...

You've been honing your speaking skills for awhile and you are out there sharing as one of the leaders in your niche.

You are slowed down by an emotion(s) that has you stuck but you can't seem to put your finger on what all is in the mix and are ready to use it for your growth.

You are ready to discover how to show up consistently and create high energy motivational talks that tantalize new audiences.

You are also realizing that you have been feeling exhausted, as you are looking for new ways to leverage the growth, and you are seeking your vitality plan to keep your energy and money flow going in your speaker business.

At times you may feel in flow and your ups and downs seem to be less than when you first started this journey. However, the start and stop, start and stop of second guessing yourself feels old school and you know this is your time with a feeling of "now or never" or urgency. Some may say these ups and downs are "shiny object syndrome" but you know as a creative this doesn't sum up your true essence.

If these are yes's then you are ready to welcome in a new change, a new approach.

This reminds me of the quote, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein

Welcome into Vitality Speaker Coaching page that will give you insight into what it's like to participate in a speaker program that will give you:

  1. support in growing your confidence from the baseline in where you are right now,
  2. creative new ways to update your talks for what's needed for the virtual world of speaking so your hand movements, facial expressions. overall posture are welcoming, and you are branding your personal words,
  3. You will have a warm stage to speak on starting with our multi-level media virtual show, Fresh Talks - Global Vision where we get to create - Mindset Transformation Entertainment (TM) and
  4. We will be presenting you for a variety of speaking opportunities when opportunities show up for Summits, Interviews and Talks to support your practice as a speaker.

Also you may know that I am a health vitality coach, in the Vitality Coaching another essential is your mind and your vocal health. Once you opt into this group program you will start receiving support in the how to's in taking care of these two areas to support you being a top skilled speaker in your niche.

  • Brain support - Cleanliness of the brain utilizing food health strategies.
  • Vocal support - Cleanliness of the vocals a) Thyroid and b) acid reflux for protection of your vocals.

And all of this will grow your business! As we say here in the overall umbrella which we call, Vitality Heart Hub is that, "If you believe it, you can achieve it!"

Here's the #Superstarspeaker Oath from one of our favorite Quantum Leap authors:

Act as if your success is for certain!

Instead of holding back because you don't have hard proof that you can make a quantum leap see if you end up with evidence proving you can't. Just make the jump - act as if your success is guaranteed and then see which set of ideas you should believe in.

[If you must doubt something doubt your limits]

~Price Pritchett, PH.D. 

By participating in this speaker coaching, besides all the new upgrades as a speaker and receiving new speaking opportunities, you will discover the precious gems that make up you in your personal cadence in the way you talk, the way your body moves, how you spirit creates your experiences and then bringing them into story to share with your audience.

These aspects are highly needed in these new times and may be the most important things you learn in this program as the world is yearning for your true authenticity and not the next best selfie or the next perfect talk... When you arrive as the deep spirit that you are, your audience will feel that and this will create transformation for them even quicker than the signature tools that you will be sharing with them.

"I can now see my talents with our discussions even when it was only a seed." Shannon Sundberg, #DealingHope global movement 

In this Vitality Speaker Coaching we believe right now is the time to #inspire each other by locking arms (#speakerlockingarms) and to get into those deeper conversation with our audiences and also within our community. The overall umbrella of Vitality Speaker Coaching is the Vitality Heart Hub and as a community we know that we are the answer to global emotions in the new world.

But first before the details of the additional support, we want to check in with you.

Vitality Speaker Coaching is for you if you want to:                     

  • Speak and create influence with your unique words and phrases that display a leadership role where you may have been taking a back seat in the past. (word branding this is called and we support you putting this together)
  • Dress the stage with your passion in a new way creating or strengthening your personal vibe and sizzle words that are unique to you.
  • Stop living a double life of being vulnerable in what you display as a coach with your clients but not with your audiences.
  • Discover and share a larger vision of how you are changing this world.
  • Build a larger platform as a speaker where you have stopped yourself due to the "fraud syndrome" or in fear of what others may say.

If the above feels scrumptiously awesome and noticing that you are feeling more in the alignment as you read further, then we have additional superstar steps to support you too.

Rhonda has been running a mindset transformation show for five years and has created a platform that brings you up a notch as a speaker as you get to be seen as a leader in what you are doing which will create a higher vibe of influence on your website, social media, speakers sheet and connecting with others for new speaking engagements. This speaker platform is called, Fresh Talks - Global Vision with Mindset Transformation Entertainment (TM).

Here is the a map of your journey as you create your status as= a #SuperstarSpeaker



Fresh Talks - Global Vision show is proud to share with you a platform where we supports audiences in their personal Mindset Transformation Entertainment (TM). This is a place where the community comes together to watch people like you, a high motivational speaker, support a person's spiritual journey, health and wellness, and/or in heart centered business, to help guide them into a more positive lifestyle and to show up to have a bigger impact in their day and life.

For you as a speaker, The Fresh Inspiration Show has our unique trifecta of support to bring visibility to your passion and your business.

Platform #1 - LIVE virtual show broadcast to private audience on top social media platforms

Platform #2 - TikTok and YouTube

Platform #3 - TV show on BEEKONNECTED platform

This is where we get to promote you as an expert and star of the show, gets to add a layer that you won't get anywhere else in a speaker coaching mastermind and where we get to say YES to you getting you out there creating your virtual presence:

  • YES for a speaker's spot for a full day of inspiration
  • YES for a speaker's spot on a Podcast
  • YES for a sizzle segment of you on a TV show
  • YES for extra marketing to build you as an expert
  • YES to creating warm new leads

Being on a multi-media level platform this can feel uncomfortable if you don't feel ready. This next area will help you finalize if the Vitality Speaker Coaching is a YES for you.


I am ready for this Speaker Coaching!

  • I do not want to hide anymore. I feel like it is more painful not getting my vision out to the world and I am ready to do my work that I have been hiding from.
  • I am ready to share my dark times with a coach and a community as I realize that this is what has stopped me in the past from making the impact I am here to do.
  • I am ready to get real and find time to do my vitality work for my mental, physical and healthy vitality cleansing to get to my next level of mastery.
  • I am ready to quantum leap myself as a speaker as I can feel the urgency for the people that are waiting for me to arrive and inspire them.

Your Marketing Will Become Sizzly And Up-Level You As a Speaker and Business Owner

We know that marketing ourselves through social media and to others can feel a bit uncomfortable, if that's the case your reach won't reflect the high vibe you are. Credibility comes from other's endorsements. This is why we have wrapped this layer into Vitality Speaker Coaching, when you get to be marketed by someone else you who knows your gems, people take a higher alert notice of you and what you are up to. This is our why and higher value to you that is unique in a speaker program:

  • High Exposure from a third party is stronger than an expert posting about themselves
  • You learn creative ways to angle your marketing in what makes you a unique speaker
  • You get to sit with Rhonda's expert advice for your talk, marketing and other discussions that occur through her unique coaching approach. (Check out the testimonials below)

The support you receive through The Fresh Inspiration Show is worth everything that you are investing for a robust coaching program, with Rhonda, who has been with hundreds of stars guiding speakers from all over the world.

You get additional focused expert spotlights:

  1. Facebook LIVEs to promote you as one of the stars of Fresh Talks - Global Vision.
  2. A picture of you, a paragraph about you and links to your website and social media on The Fresh Inspiration Show where audience members will be going as they grab their digital ticket to the show.
  3. A one month shine on you and your business into our group community (Vitality Heart Hub) which we call "Love On Our Vitality Heart Community". This is where you get to post each week about you  and what you are up to in your business. the first week will be with Rhonda doing a LIVE interview with you about your beginnings and what your passion is and what you do as a business.

Here are your resources to support you through your journey creating your high vibe and ready to freshly inspire your audiences:

  • Vitality Heart Community - You receive a private group with other like minded seekers that are speakers, entrepreneurs and health and wellness inspirers cohesively call, Vitality Heart Hub
  • Support you find speaking engagements - Rhonda will be referring you to other speaking engagement besides, The Fresh Inspiration Show
  • Inspired essence branding package. This is where you will get into the depths of what creates the powerful YOU. In these coaching sessions you will have branding around your makeup, clothing and even the branding in your cadence of your vocals.

A personal note from Rhonda and her client's/friends as she shares her coaching approach:

There are many fabulous forward steps that you will be stepping into, it's a dance. At first this forward movement will be new and create a new vulnerability layer that you haven't witnessed before. This is how we get deeper into your work, which I call your authentic genius. I have seen some people run away and try to "head for the hills". This is where the mindset coaching supports your vitality speaker process. There will be times when I will share with you visions about you that you are not taunting, this is what one of my gifts is as a coach, this is when I see high vulnerability or the fraud syndrome affect, freeze and no or minimal action. This is where the coaching will support you getting out of the "rabbit hole" in a quicker way. That is also what is fabulous about being with a community paralleling your experiences receiving additional heart centered community support. If you have been feeling stuck this is where you get to learn  how to get moving forward by getting to know yourself more through my signature process that has been applied with all my coaching client's; Focus, Integrate Transform, Thrive (FITT). Truthfully as I see it, there is no "failure" when it comes to the steps that you are taking in your business but more around strategies and curiosity by asking questions such as, "What is working?" and "What is not?". The answers that you will receive are gold! Working with me is playful as you will see that I am redefining words to empower us heart centered business owners. This is how playful we are in creating your next layer as a speaker, having fun and finding the flow.

I know that there will be times when you don’t nail it when sharing your talk, but there are many rich lessons to be learned through this Vitality Speaker Coaching journey. Thus if you have been finding yourself, too many times, down the rabbit hole, this is where you get to say YES to who you are and stop hiding from the authentic YOU. The quicker you receive this, the quicker your business will grow.  This layer of healing also heals your body as I have been learning through my personal journey “breaking up” with my hypothyroid medicine of 20 year and now off for 5 years and living a fabulously healthy vitality. P.S. Not saying for you to jump into a journey like this as this deserves a deeper conversation when you break up with your medicine.

This discussion around showing up for yourself and your business during these coaching sessions is one of the last paragraphs that you are reading on this page. To me this means you are connecting to what I am saying.

I am a love bug. I believe our biggest strength and wisdom comes from our heart. There will be quite a bit of mindset breakthrough coaching which I call, "Oneness Mindset". Once had a coach do something that felt at the time, a big slap across the face, but it was the biggest gift that I have received, my coach said, "Why are you coming in like this? You sound like a wet noodle." Andrea woke me up and snapped me out of a lifelong, poor me" soppy person that was not being my own advocate and instead hoping someone else would pick up the pieces for me.

My personal trajectory changed after that conversation.

"I feel like I am held in being accountable while Rhonda has adapted and inspired me to get to that next level." Michelle Perry- Roberts - Roberts of Northern Nevada VIP Lifestyle

My life philosophy is "oneness" which is, everything that we live, breathe and create tethers to everything that we do. Thus wherever you are at I will always do my best to meet up with you to guide where I see you are stuck or where that next celebration is.

"I feel safe with Rhonda to share things that I would not have share with another coach." Shannon Sundberg. Hope Dealer and Dream Pusher of the High Vibe

I come from acting classes and I believe after you know your talk very well, then comes improv as it will pull out your most creative and BE'ing space to serve your audiences.

"I haven't worked with someone that is so nonjudgmental and I value that highly! You put things in a way that are palatable." Carolyn CJ Jones, Forgiveness Coach

I know to get your best stuff out there a warm stage creates an even hotter return as a creative being running a heart centered, speaker business. And that's what I do for you when you are being coached or on The Fresh Inspiration Show as one of the stars.

"I met my true authentic self while working with Rhonda." Michelle Perry - Roberts of Northern Nevada VIP Lifestyle.

UNstoppable for Speakers