Start Your Day Rebounding and Burn Mega Calories QUICK!

Kiki ReboundingThis morning I spent time rebounding/ jumping with the family before their school day.  Doing this fun activity I actually took care of 2 important things.  The kids loved me spending time with them plus I was also able to get a quick workout in just 30 minutes.  Wow taking care of 2 things at one time, now that’s what I call time management.  Here are the following benefits:

  • Burn calories fast
  • Can make a game of it, thus sharing time with the family
  • Toning
  • Improves Flexibility
  • Excellent heart workout, increases heart rate


Jacob JumpingThe great thing that I love about rebounding is that you don’t have to think about building a routine.  You just go do it.  You can also do this with me on Skype [rhondaliebig].  Yep I have already done it with one client: rebounding, dancing, weights… we did nonstop movement.  Keep yourself moving and you will have big success in how you feel from day to day.

Catch up with you soon!








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