Step Into Action – Step Into Your Year

Why is it important to keep up on your goals and consistently strive to be the best that you can be?

Only because it’s your life’s destiny. So I challenge you to step out of the norm and move forward in a commitment to yourself. When you move forward with intention in a strategic way your possibilities/ paradigm starts to shift and you will move forward in your growth. You new commitment to yourself can be doing tasks that you keep putting off, stepping into a personal goal, or organization in you personal life or business. Make a fresh and exciting goal that you haven’t fully stepped into before. Also give yourself the space to take 10-15 minutes to go through the below exercise and allow quite time to truly dig into what a new goal and new fresh steps will do for you in your health, your business, in the new year. The way you approach your health is directly linked to strategic action in your business. Follow the below steps as if I am with you and coaching you on the spot. Each step is layered into getting you into action and allow you to step into your new goal. Let’s map it. ¬†

Step 1
What is one thing that you are doing right now in your diet that is not working? Coaching Tip 1: maybe extra sugar or not enough vegetables.
List your 2 sabotages [You will not be eliminating these foods. This is to keep you aware of your sabotages and that will be eliminated be crowding out through the new steps that will be added to help balance your body. All sabotages are done when we are unbalanced in life]:

Step 2
What routine should you add to your day to bring increased Energy? What is making you feel sluggish? Coaching Tip 2: Starting your day with a stretch or mentally envision your day before the chaos steps in.
List only one.

Step 3
Envision how your above commitment to yourself is going to be implemented into your day. Coaching Tip 3 Close your eyes to really step into this question and be realistic in how your day is laid out right now and why you are going to shift to implement this new commitment.

Open up your schedule and add to your schedule. The day of the week and the time. Coaching Tip 4 Add a recurring timer to your new commitment. It can be hard to remember your new commitment and a timer is a great way to into success.

Step 4
As time goes on re-evaluate your new step. If the time, day or goal that you have set here is not fully working for you or not inspiring, make a change and do it lighting quick to keep the positive energy moving forward. It’s all in the steps and keeping it real throughout the process.

Have you ever had a day that just seemed so different than all the others, not normal? Your energy soaring and laser clarity? If you follow through on your 4 steps above you will have ¬†increased “un-normal days”. Allow yourself to be open to endless possibilities. It’s time to … Expand! Stretch! The right way to do this is through intentional steps.

Blog back to me so I can hear about your new commitment and how you worked through each of the steps. I would love to hear from you.

Here’s to having a FITT Day,



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