Succeeding Through Simple Things Like a Change In Mindset

Too often people get stuck in health and psychological ruts which they actually convince themselves that they are not capable of escaping.

Why after all, would anyone ever want to convince themselves that a health or psychological problem is going to be a permanent fixture in their lives if it doesn’t need to be? The truth is though, that the vast majority of people do this each and every day.

To demonstrate, let’s take a make believe woman called Jean. Jean you see, wakes up every morning feeling tired and run down. Jean’s thoughts are fuzzy and sometimes complete chaos. However, what Jean does every time she reflects on how she feels, is attribute her tiredness and lack of clarity and decisiveness to just getting older. This, poor health choices which Jean has made in the past and a belief that this is just the way things are for people like Jean in Jean’s specific age range and socioeconomic situation.

Sound familiar?

Well, Jean is actually a real person. More specifically, Jean is a friend and client of mine and each outlined aspect of how Jean used to feel about herself everyday is based on how Jean really used to feel when she woke up each morning. Jean however, decided to make a few changes a little while ago.

To be more specific, what Jean did is start connecting her physical and emotionally reality each day to a new sense of purpose. Or rather, Jean decided to try and do something to change her sense of physical and em67otional well being through small, ultimately achievable practical actions.

The Importance Of Implementing A Morning Ritual

In Jean’s case, reconciling her physical and emotional sense of herself with a practical and determined purpose to improve the way she felt, took the form of an everyday morning ritual. Moreover, almost as soon as Jean started practicing her new sense of purpose everyday through her morning ritual, Jean:

  • Experienced improved clarity of mind
  • Found herself feeling more positive and able to positively encourage herself rather than negatively reprimand herself
  • No longer had to take 2 naps a day
  • Started feeling much freer and physically capable in her own body

In fact, through a very simple 2 step morning ritual, Jean has not only found a way to use her own sense of purpose to start living and feeling better, but is now able to build on these benefits to start making better, more purpose driven choices and decisions in her life overall.

Sound too good to be true? Well, Jean’s morning ritual is actually very simple. First all Jean does is work out in the morning, before breakfasting on vegetables rather than her old processed cereal. Moreover, it’s because this ritual is so simplistic that Jean has been able to stick to it and experience real physical and emotional advantages.

First though, let’s just take a look at why Jean is benefiting so much from her simple morning ritual. You see, although it might sound overly simple, waking up in the morning isn’t just about you opening your eyes. Rather, prior to consciously waking, your liver is releasing enzymes and cortisol and adrenaline, just so as to get you up and moving. First thing morning workouts are therefore a great way to compliment this process by getting your heart and lymphatic system pumping these hormones around your body more fully.

Secondly according to this child sleep consultant, while we sleep our bodies actually spend the bulk of the time we are resting systematically detoxifying ourselves. Eating vegetables first thing, is therefore a brilliant way to nourish our waking selves. However, eating vegetables first thing is also great for weight loss and in general energy levels. Why? Because doing so balances blood sugar levels dramatically better than any other foodstuff and subsequently reduces cravings whilst improving our overall energy levels also.

Of course, one off periods of exercise and eating vegetables for breakfast are beneficial actions in of themselves, but just like Aristotle said: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Dedicated morning rituals incorporating such actions in this case better infuse such actions with real purpose helping us ultimately become better products of ourselves.

Have you ever wanted to become a better product of yourself? Why not in this case, start thinking about adding a healthy morning ritual like Jean? The alternative for many people after all, is simply to stay stuck in physical and psychological ruts which they are ultimately not happy in anyway.

So, what kind of rut do you feel stuck in? And what is going to be your 2 step morning ritual… maybe working out and vegetables in the morning?

I love hearing from you so let me know what you think. In the meantime I hope that you found the above insightful.

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