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I was in the Moxy Diamond Program

I created my theme; The H3 = Humble, Hungry, High Resilience. Rhonda's coaching approach brought me present, stepped me into my true essence when at times I was only scratching the surface as a chameleon, thought leader, and business developer.

This support created my higher vision in business strategies, seeking capital for million dollar projects, doing negotiations in a male dominated industry, and working with various teams throughout the US.

Also while working with Rhonda, I moderated a steering committee in Hawaii for an Energy Policy Forum seeking: off grid power, water management, protecting soil and recycles water.

Thank you Rhonda for having my back and supporting my growth. ~ Brandie Willliams, Business Development Executive

I was in the Moxy Diamond Program for Health & Business

"Rhonda helped me to love my body in a new way using tools such as diet, exercise, meditation, herbal remedies which decreased my body stress level

Rhonda also helped my business by helping me get super clear as there are so many things that I know as a therapist and a coach but I didn't know how to nail it down. Once I got clear I could market and increase business. Rhonda has a heart and also a technical side as she helped me with proposals, presentations, talks and reaching out to people (sales).

All of this has been PRICELESS to me! I highly recommend working with Rhonda Liebig, she is a beautiful soul. She will absolutely can help you with your health mindset while thriving in your business." ~Janeen Olmos an SOS to Resilience Thereapist

Rhonda Liebig_Laura-and-me-on-her-ranch

“Rhonda is my health coach who has inspired me, educated me and supported me in my health journey. With her, I’ve gotten healthier and so has my business!”

~ Laura Marie #setfreetorunfree LIVE Events, author of “Prettier Than Porn” and activist on abolishing human trafficking

I had low energy and would CRASH every afternoon. I’d been to Dr’s who’d say it was adrenal fatigue & gave me pills, but still low energy and afternoon CRASHes. I had to take a nap to recover… if I didn’t, I could stay awake, but my thinking was slow & foggy. I hated it! Rhonda showed me how to get connected to my body (instead of ignoring it & expecting it to perform) and how to reset my adrenals for smoother energy

Dorothy Kuhn Headshot

throughout the day. The calmness of her voice was a lovely added bonus. After our first session my productivity for my business skyrocketed and I feel like myself again! I love to have a good time & get stuff done. Thanks to Rhonda’s wise counsel I can.”

~ Dorothy Kuhn, Women’s Empowerment Expert,


I have struggled all my life as being either 100% results or I have not succeeded. In the past I have realized when I would start getting results I would sabotage myself with words and phrases such as; “You don’t deserve this” or I could feel a fear start to rise about keeping this good stuff up forever. It’s almost as if I felt safe by going back to the old way of doing things.

So I see myself as a recovering 100% or nothing at all…

Working with Rhonda has given me light on what I have been dealing with through her mentoring strategies. I have found so many discoveries with me but lately the biggest breakthrough was why I felt stressed around five o’clock and it has to do with my connection with food and the transition in leaving work and transition to the home life. I would recommend Rhonda when you feel stuck and you are looking for answers and new strategies/tools to get yourself to the next level in optimal health for yourself.

~Beverly, retired

When I first started working with Rhonda I already had done tons of research on my own and I understood how to take care of myself. I was still struggling though even though I had the knowledge about my diabetes I. I was still feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with my health journey. Rhonda was able to listen, guide and build while still making me feel like I could manage my new schedule and new goals without overwhelmed. Within weeks I started noticing my energy rise and my blood sugar start to consistently have more balance and logic to the ups and downs. Rhonda  taught me how to start listening to myself and how to implement a consistent process that works for my lifestyle. Working with Rhonda changed my life to major positive changes in my health.

~Daniel Lepoweski


I have changed quite a bit since I first met Rhonda. I used to think of food as a diet and only concerned about my weight loss not my life journey This approach came back and haunted me time and again. I would lose weight sometimes a whole heck of a lot and still gain it back. When I met Rhonda I just lost my dad, lost my gallbladder from stress eating and so many bad things were happening in my life. Rhonda guided me through journaling to listen to what I was thinking so that I could adjust my mindset. Plus I started building my plate different based on being stuck in my Liver/ Gallbladder meridian and have lost 4.5 inches in my body and a new healthy mindset. Thanks so much!

I owe a lot to Rhonda. Before I started working with her I was struggling big time in my Kidney Meridian and I didn’t even know it. I actually didn’t even know what that meant at first. I was barely sleeping at night because I had to get up 6 times a night due to kidney stones. I was told by my family that I was the unlucky kid that inherited the family genes of kidney stones. I didn’t realize how powerful it was to work with a


coach that understood my issue could be. Within a month’s span of time the following happened for me: I stopped getting up at night and slept straight through, I could spend time in larger groups when before I couldn’t stand the noise, and I lost 10 pounds! Rhonda I appreciate all the knowledge that I have received from you.


I have been with Rhonda for 5 months and my life has changed drastically! I have lost 19 pounds, lost 11 total inches, and 6% body fat which makes me feel ecstatic. My main successors have been learning how to listen to myself so that I am not my worst enemy, I have learned portion control, started working out consistently and I am now making a bigger commitment to myself than I would have been able to without Rhonda, Thank you so much Rhonda.

Working with Rhonda over the past year has given me the serenity and confidence to grow my business with an additional 7 new staff members. I owe a lot of work that I have done with Rhonda to my business success and development. Click to see Mary’s video success story.

Mary Egan Pictures

Mary Egan a recognized expert in municipal government interest arbitration.

Municipal Resource Group, LLC| 675 Hartz Avenue, Suite 300  |  Danville, CA 94526

Samantha Perssson

I have been working with Rhonda and getting into action and receiving great results. Click to see my person video testimonial. Before Rhonda I was doing self sabotage, not much life balance, and have learned to eat for my body. I would recommend Rhonda if you are ready for life balance, to lose weight, get into action, and ready to learn more about your own personal health journey. Samantha Persson and owner of Swedetech.

Thank you so much for all your support and all the eye opening moments. Thank you for the knowledge you have given me that I will take with me the rest of my life. I have made so many changes in my life with being organized to get to my ultimate outcome.

- Lindy, California

Lindy Success Story

Judy Results
I have learned many new things about food and the way it affects our bodies.  I now eat more vegetables than ever before, have lost 11 pounds, watch portion size and exercise.I can’t thank you enough for all of your motivation and encouragement.

Judy, California

You are truly a beautiful person inside and out.  You care so much about others and I am sincerely grateful.  I am so thankful to have you in my life, you have touched me so deeply…  I just have to tell you I am ELATED!!!! I was going through my closet

VIP Day On The Sacramento River

and decided to try on a few items I haven’t worn in awhile and they fit perfectly!  I tried on a skirt I haven’t worn since my son graduated from kindergarten (he’s now in 5th grade).

 I just wanted to tell you how happy I am, how much confidence I am getting back and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help.
Thank you for motivating and inspiring me.
- Samantha, California

Monika enjoying her outdoor training with personal trainer and health coach, Rhonda Liebig.

I never would have imagined I would achieve all that I have! I have learned so much about so many different things: posture, how to bend down and pick up things to support our backs, the different muscles we are building, the reasons why stretching are so important! But its not just about the exercising, we also learn a lot about nutrition! I have changed my eating habits completely and fully understand the benefits of healthy eating. In the last 3 1/2 months I have lost 10

pounds and 10 inches! I am a diabetic and my AIC has gone from 8 to 6.4 which is a huge accomplishment! I feel I am leading a much healthier and HAPPIER life than ever before! I encourage anyone who is serious about a healthy lifestyle change to join Rhonda. The benefits are amazing!

- Monica, California

Joining Rhonda is one of the best decisions I have made in my life! Rhonda is a dedicated, reliable, knowledgeable professional who is genuinely in touch with each of her clients and their individual goals.
Rhonda truly makes a connection with each of her clients. Rhonda strives to make
Maria's training and consulting with Rhonda Liebig
healthy changes fun. I have lost 25 lbs. in 9 months. I have never ever felt better in my life.
I have noticed improvements in my appearance and feeling stronger. I enjoy cooking more for my family and my family enjoys the new variety of healthy meals. Rhonda provides her clients with weekly and monthly meal programs. She shares healthy recipes with knowledge behind the foods and why the specific foods benefit our bodies.
I will be a life-long client of Rhonda’s without a doubt. I am the type of person who wants to share with my family and friends when I discovery something amazing. I have friends and family that have become Rhonda’s clients too and they feel the exact way I do! Making life changes and learning how to live a healthier lifestyle.
- Maria, California

Skype Workout
Absolutely love working out with Rhonda. I’m amazed at how great it is to be able to do it in my own living room via Skype. She is excellent personal trainer. She really knows how to keep you on your toes and how to subtly push you to do more. Yet she will change or modify an exercise when something doesn’t feel right, in order to perform the moves correctly.
I have been working out with her 2 days a week for months and it has made a big difference to my core. Rhonda is a consummate professional who is passionate about fitness and teaches by example how to have a very healthy lifestyle.
I look forward each week to our workouts.
I highly recommend working out with her via Skype or if your lucky in person.
- Anna, California

Being with Rhonda has given me the confidence I needed  to change my body, and my outlook on myself.  As each month goes by with Rhonda, the scale has been going down and the inches have been shedding off me!  In the 3 1/2 months I have lost 12 lbs and 9 inches in total.

- Cheyenne, California



Working out with Rhonda is very important to my life. She motivates me to keep going even though at times it is very difficult for me due to a variety of health issues.Rhonda’s always so kind and patient and I always feel so much better after my workout. She’s very encouraging , but firm and doesn’t give up on me.She has also helped me with my nutritional needs and has helped me focus on many good ideas to improve my health.She pushes me but not over done so it always stays enjoyable to me. I look forward to seeing her and we mainly do my workouts through and it is something to look forward to and not drudgery. God Bless her with the good work she is doing for all of us to live our lives a better and healthier and happiness.

- Estelle, Utah