Susan – Person of the Month #1 Blog

Hi my name is Susan and I have been coming to the studio since October and I have noticed some wonderful changes in me and my health.  As you can see my picture is not in this blog because I feel like I still have so many more hurdles to jump over before I am satisfied.  Since I have been with Rhonda I have lost 16 lbs but a total of 70 pounds since last January.  In the earlier stages I was nervous about getting on the ground for the final workout stretch and I can now say that is not a problem anymore.  I know that I am getting stronger each workout.  Just last week I was hopping around on one foot and that was something that I could not do when I first started here at the studio.


Next week in my next blog to help you to get to know me more, I will discuss some of the health issues that I have had and my accomplishment in how I have dealt with them. I want to share how I am getting stronger throughout my program.


The key is being dedicated to accomplish your healthy changes.


Talk to you next week.


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