Susan- Person of the Month #2

Thank you girlfriendss for all the kind words and cheering on.  The power of the group is with us, let’s have fun doing it and definitely boogy down.


My workouts consist of coming to the Studio and walking on my treadmill.  I am feeling stronger each week which gets me excited and now in my program I have a forward  momentum that I truly am enjoying.  I am dealing with some health issues noted below:


Rhumethoid Arthritis – This is an autoimmune diseases, stiffness of the joints and the surrouonding tissues, affects the fluid/lubrication of the knee

Baker’s Cyst – You can have discomfort or stiffness in the knee. There may be a painless or painful swelling behind the knee.

The cyst may feel like a water-filled balloon. Occasionally, the cyst may rupture, causing pain, swelling, and bruising on the back of the knee and calf.


Other Items…

I am so proud of the committment I have given to myself and it is paying off in small but truly wonderful ways such as now being able to kneel and get up from the floor with a whole lot more ease.


I feel that these issues have made my workouts a challenge.  Talk about what motivates you in the studio and what helped get you where you are today.  Blog and share your issues and triumphs.

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