4 Top Eating Beliefs You Probably Believe

Artificial Sweeteners Are Safe Sugar Replacements for Diabetics, plus Help Promote Weight Loss Most people use artificial sweeteners to lose weight and/or because they are diabetic and need to avoid sugar. The irony is that nearly all of the studies to date show that artificial sweeteners cause even MORE weight gain than caloric sweeteners. Studies also […]

Foods to keep off your plate – UNDUE INFLAMMATION

I am getting ready to make Quinoa Cakes with dinner.  If this turns out to be a good recipe I will send it out.  An ingredient in the Quinoa Cakes recipe is FLAXSEED.   ONE OF THE REASONS THAT FLAXSEED IS IMPORTANT IN OUR DIET – BECAUSE IT IS AN ANTI-INFLAMMATORY.. HERE ARE SOME ITEMS BELOW THAT WILL INCREASE THE INFLAMMATION IN YOUR […]