3 Sure Fire Steps To Ignite Your Metabolism

  What shift can you do right now for your weight loss. 3 Sure Fire Tips to Ignite Your Metabolism. Catch It Live For Best Results. In this webinar, Professional Speaker, Certified Health Coach, and #1 Best Selling Author, Rhonda Liebig will share 3 Sure Fire Tip To Increased Metabolism in this 60 minute free […]

[LIVE] Theme Demonstration Dinners – Local & Virtual

“I’ve loved every demonstration dinner! I’ve learned so much and implemented changes in my families lives. Only 1 more dinner for the season. Grab your virtual seat or your live seat into Rhonda’s studio. Be ready for a night of: Relaxing, Learning the latest health research Eat healthy, tasty food Get new recipes, Eating under […]

[Interview] Maria Appelqvist Sexy, Money & Leadership

 Maria Appelqvist will be interviewing Rhonda all the way from Sweden in her blog talk radio. Click link and listen now “During the past year I’ve learned to know so many powerful women. And I mean really powerful women that are true to their business and in lives in integrity with their leadership, walking their talk, […]

[Interview] Brenda Pierce E-Factor Network [Blog Radio]

Alright everyone get your computers ready! With all the distance between Brenda Pearce located in Canada and Rhonda in sunny California, we are going to come together in a personal way and learn how I work with women virtually, coaching and inspiring them to invest in their health and themselves by tapping into their pure authenticity. […]

Greek Salad Recipe, Keep It Colorful

COLORFUL GREEK SALAD As you know eating your vegetables is vital to your energy.  Without those crunchy fibrous foods in your body somehow you lose your luster.  Let me help you get your vibrant self back into the pep of things.  Keep it colorful and you will get the antioxidants that you need to clean up […]

Flaxseed – A Great Pancake Recipe

Last night I tried the Quinoa Cakes with FLAXSEED – I was the only one who ate them.  I may not have added enough broth to them so I will try to make them again and if they turn out I will send out that recipe. BUT I do have another recipe with FLAXSEED that […]