Succeeding Through Simple Things Like a Change In Mindset

Too often people get stuck in health and psychological ruts which they actually convince themselves that they are not capable of escaping. Why after all, would anyone ever want to convince themselves that a health or psychological problem is going to be a permanent fixture in their lives if it doesn’t need to be? The […]

Get Your Program Going #3

Tracking your diet and following clean eating (whole foods) is the most difficult part of your program. Please hang in there and you will be happy with the results.  Sign up @ and start tracking your daily diet.  It’s very educational and a great tool.    There is a spot on the website where you can add […]

Get Your Program Going #2

In the first blog we talked about doing a mental inventory and getting everything departmentalized to determine what is your food/stress triggers.  Remember food is about 80% of your program results.  Remember though that clean eating is a step in your program and a well rounded program will also have intense workouts to get you to your healthiest: Bathing suit […]