[Interview] Brenda Pierce E-Factor Network [Blog Radio]

Alright everyone get your computers ready! With all the distance between Brenda Pearce located in Canada and Rhonda in sunny California, we are going to come together in a personal way and learn how I work with women virtually, coaching and inspiring them to invest in their health and themselves by tapping into their pure authenticity. […]

Fiber – The New Superfood

Fiber in your Diet.  We have been talking a lot about how important it is for you to have fiber in your diet to lose weight.  But we have not been talking about what what the latest research has shown in health benefits.   Why a Superfood?   The Fiber research has linked these health benefits to […]

The Benefits of Prebiotic Foods

3 reasons why you need prebiotic foods 1) You get great fiber that is essential for moving you nutrients through your digestive tract. 2) It will boost your immunity system. Keep bringing in the good food like your fruits and vegetables to build up your gut and improve your immunity system. 3) If you bloat […]