[Video BLOG] Feeling Unorganized? Follow These Steps To Start Your Organization

Do you have many areas that you need to tackle? Do you feel like you don’t know where to start? When you look at your home do you wish that you had a cleaner and tidier home?  And the list goes on…  Take a step back and let’s get down to the basic and what is important […]

The 6th Month Mark – CAN YOU MAKE IT?

Recent Studies have shown that people who have worked out off and on throughout their life will have a 6th MONTH HURDLE. This 6th MONTH HURDLE is where you learn to fit your workouts in throughout stress in your life and any general excuse(s) not to workout.  The best thing about getting through this hurdle is that these […]

Something to Sweat About

The blog that I did recently “THOUGHTS – CHALLENGES” was inspired by reading this article in Oxygen Magazine.  I am hoping that you enjoy it and get something out of it.  Give me a blog on how get through your challenges.        When it comes to building a lean, strong and fit body, there’s only one person who […]